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Zola Zu
 Cartoon Exhibition by Zola Zu


  pic: Zola Zu, Organisor.  World's 1st-time world-scale cartoon-arts contest and expo. on the net was held on Zola Zu's own dime, cartoon-artists from 70+ countries joined the contest under the theme of promoting human rights & against dirty politics.  This event was reported by Asian best news, the Straits Times by its front-page,  exhibited in Japanese largest mall in Taiwan, and was ranked world No.1 cartoon contest on the net, like English google, yahoo, etc for straight 7 years.
International Journal of Comic Art,
Summer 2019:  the largest such event in the country's history...Possibly. it was the world's first large international cartoon contest and exhibition on the internet, though the distinction has been challenged , but not very convincingly.


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 No. 1  "comment Taiwan" on Mocrosoft Bing, 2023-8-8, 2023-5-1, 2023-1-1, 2022-12-5, 2022-8-14, 2022-5-30, 2022-5-16, 2022-5-6, 2022-2-5, 2022-1-22, 2022-1-9,  2021-12-31, 2021-12-16, 2021-11-29, 2021-11-21, 2021-11-10, 2021-10-26, 2021-10-19, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-2, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-23, 2021-9-7  


pic.: No.1 "review Taiwan" on US Yahoo search engine, 2023-8-8, 2023-5-1, 2023-1-1, 2022-12-5, 2022-8-11 ; No.1 "understand Taiwan"on US Yahoo search engine, 2022-1-22, 2022-1-9, 2021-12-31, 2021-12-17, 2021-11-29, 2021-11-21, 2021-11-10, 2021-10-27



pic.  : No.1 "Taiwan reviews" on US Google, 2023-8-8, 2023-8-1, 2023-7-14, 2023-7-10, 2023-7-8

; No.1 or 2  "review Taiwan"  on US Google, 2023-1-1, 2022-12-3, 2022-8-12, 2022-3-29, 2022-3-25, 2021-9-30, 2021-8-1, 2021-5-31, 2021-5-1, 2020-12-20; No.2 at 2022-2-5, 2022-1-9, 2021-12-31, 2021-12-17, 2021-11-21 





No. 1 "Taiwan democracy" on Microsoft Bing, Euro. search engines      
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, click: 2020~23,  2017~19  



 pic.  : No.1 or top "Taiwan democracy" on Bing,  2023-5-1, 2023-1-1, 2022-12-5, 2022-5-30, 2022-2-5, 2022-1-22, 2022-1-9,  2021-12-31, 2021-12-16, 2021-11-29, 2021-11-21, 2021-11-1  





an unbiased, courageous website in English and Chinese since 1998



pic. : No.1"comment Taiwan" on Yandex Russia, 2023-8-8, 2023-5-1, 2023-1-1, 2022-11-29;  This websites group was ranked No.1 by keyword "introduction to Taiwan"
on Yandex of Russia (largest engine in Russia) at 2023-8-8, 2023-5-1, 2022-8-8, 2022-7-31, 2022-5-30, 2022-3-14, 2021-12-27, 2021-12-4, 2021-11-21, 2021-10-21; No.2 at 2022-2-25, among top ranks at 2022-2-22, 2022-1-30





 pic.  : No.1  or  2  "comment Taiwan"  on US Yahoo, 2023-8-8, 2023-5-1, 2023-1-1, 2022-12-5, 2022-8-13,  2022-1-22, 2022-1-9, 2021-12-30, 2021-12-14, 2021-10-10, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-3, 2021-10-1, 2021-9-2; pic.  : No.1  "comment Taiwan"  on US Google, 2022-5-21, 2022-2-5, 2022-1-22, 2022-1-9, 2022-1-1, 2021-12-31, 2021-12-17, 2021-11-29, 2021-11-12, 2021-11-6, 2021-10-22, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-3, 2021-9-23, 2021-8-23, 2021-6-6, 2021-5-20,  2021-5-1, 2020-12-20   




 For human rights, against dirty politics, top ranking since 1998

















 pic: Zu together with Euro. artists. (photo in EU)
Zu holds a press card issued by Euro., a master degree in Computer in USA, he worked in Taiwan government and was a college teacher

pic:  Zu in the United Nations, photo with <The Golden Rule> - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", an art-work USA sent to the United Nations.

pic:  Zu together with US professor, Taiwanese professors,
leading cartoonists, cartoonist leader.   (photo in Shangri La's hotel)









  Pic left: one of  Zu's works was exhibited in Japan HIROSHIMA PEACE memorial museum.  In that event,  Zu was one of int'l artists with most number of selected art-works.   Major Japanese Newspapers (e.g.,"朝日新聞"  ) reported that event.
  Pic. middle: photo with former leader of Japanese cartoonists and  leader of Taiwanese cartoonists, Zu on the right seat.
  Pic. middle right: Singapore's the Straits Times (awarded Asia's best news at that time) reported Zola Zu was organizing world no.1 int'l cartoon-arts contest on his own dime to promote human rights and freedom of expression
  Pic. right: friend from Egypt,  the cartoonist of the largest news in the Middle East, he lectured at UC Berkeley, City College of San Francisco, e





pic.:  No.1 "comments cartoons in USA" on US Google, 2023-8-8, 2023-5-1, 2023-1-1, 2022-12-17





No.1 "comment designs by US" on US Google, Bing,  2023-8-8, 2023-5-1, 2023-1-1





pic.: No.1 "cartooning humor" on Yandex of Russia, 2023-8-8,  2023-5-1


No.1 "cartooning, humor" on Bing,  2023-8-8, 2023-5-1

 No.1 "cartooning, creativity" on Microsoft Bing , 2023-8-8, 2023-1-1  



about Zola Zu

 Federation Cartoonists Organisations, Foreign Editor, Taiwan President (1997 ~ Mar. 2018 );  FECO Int'l Press Federation, Reporter ~ 2026.
 APACA (Asia & Pacific Animation and Comics Association ), advisory board & Taiwan vice president (2008 ~ 2020 ... ).
Bachelor in Taiwan, Master in USA,  DBA completion in China, was a college teacher, computer programmer in Taiwanese government.
was instructor and industrial expert for co-teaching in about 10 universities and colleges; coordinator, Taiwan's government

Critique articles (concerning Danish cartoon crisis, religion creativity, Beijing Olympics, national advertising, logo design, visual parody, animation, etc) were printed in major media of Taiwan, the United Daily and the China Times.
cartoons were exhibited in Holland, France, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Czech, Bulgaria, Italia, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain,  Iran, Slovak, Slovenia, USA, etc
cartoons were awarded in Australia, Romania, Egypt, Arab, Taiwan, etc.

 A normal individual, without psycho, paranoid delusion, former delinquent;   moderate, I'm not interested in politics, but politics is interested in me.

meaning of name / "Zola" :  Famous novelist Zola's J'accuse! has become a common generic expression of outrage and accusation against someone powerful.  Besides, Zola was poisoned by his enemy, probably. 



exclusive visited by TTV news and CTS news




To understand Taiwan's true colors -  click :

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pic. : part of article "A family teeming with cartoonists - Zola Zu with John A. Lent"
was printed in International Journal of Comic Art, 2019

ps: Cartooning crosses all barriers, boundaries, works perfect
for the ordinary people being oppressed revolt against the corruptive authority (the Chinese idiom '官逼民反')







Zola Zu's cartoon works in international exhibitions


"Hitler returns"


Star War

"political terror" /
printed in FECOnews
bulletin distributed to
a number of countries in Europe
America, Asia, etc,
 Jan. 2022

pen books

Go high, not go low



pic. left: Miki under control

pic. right: even Kitty should not silence the ugly political truth

(a visual parody inspired by Hello Kitty,  by Zola Zu);  




   Cartoonist VS.  politicians        An individual VS.  one+ countries and/or syndicates

   straight-forward    VS.   under-table          clean  VS   dirty




Zola Zu's cartoon works in major media of Taiwan


In Taiwan's major newspaper UDN group, Zola Zu's cartoon against warmongering Nazi and Japanese army



In Taiwan's major newspaper UDN sgroup, Zola Zu's cartoon depicted warmonger  converted Jesus sign to Nazi sign







In Taiwan's major newspaper the China Times, Zola Zu was a bridge connecting Europe and Taiwan


In Taiwan's United Daily News system, Zola Zu promoted human rights (against humans as guinea pigs)



In Taiwan's United Daily News system, Zola Zu was fighting against environmental pollution







pic. above: part of Zu's article about China's cartooning as a weapon in World War II
was printed in the International Journal of Comic Art, USA


893,303 Chinese died in China's war strategy - breaching the Yellow River bank to
block and sink Japanese army
in WWII;

There was a Chinese cartoon "pre-warn" the situation (see pic. upper left)




pic. above: "Olympics and Cartooning wits"
was printed in Feco News, Europe






   My article responding to Facebook's closing my account in 2017~2018 for 'fake' reason
(probably political factors) 
 was ranked No.1 ~2 on best search engines, e.g., US Google, Bing, Baidu of China etc.

Zola Zu will fight back any political persecution at any cost   









Pic. :   comment Facebook   , 
 in most popular news in Taiwan
Apple Daily,
real-time news & online opinion, 8-24-2017,
later was reprinted in major news, United Daily News' blog, 8-25-2017

FB free expression ranks No.1 on US Bing, etc


pic.: Zola Zu's critiques on FB reprinted in FECOnews,

official periodical  of Federation Cartoonists Org. ,
(headqtr in Europe) in Nov. 2017. 
The cartoon art was done by FECO president general.



Zola Zu's articles in major media of Taiwan




       pic. : article on United Daily News,   

For full text (Chn version) pls click


  pic. right: part of the article on the UDN
internet newspaper
(photo is Taiwan ROC president Tsai I. W.)


Zola Zu's 'parody' article in 2017 invoked dystopian novel "1984", best-known advertisement "1984", and best-known slogan "Think Different" (should be "think differently", adv. not adj.) to question Taiwan president and to tentatively test if  the state apparatus etc has  harmed people's freedom and human rights... 

   Eventually, Taiwan's intelligence systems "proved" my views above are about correct !!  'Freedom' is a hot topic now !
 <United Daily (聯合報)> 11-2-2018, headline news : Taiwan's National Security Bureau confirmed their investigations of Facebook communities and others on the net, for monitoring, controlling and collecting "controversial information" including those "influence national security", "blacken ("詆譭", a term of Martial Law period / UDN, 11-3-2018) president", "disrupt social stability"
, "distort policy" and "disturb national mechanism", "fight governmental prestige", "influence public mind and morale";   UDN 11-3-2018: Facebook and all other internet platform service providers in Taiwan were requested to hand in all users' personal information and data. (President declared her opposition about this )








                       pic. left: in European cartoonists' party, EU; 
 background pic. is   Zu's article concerning religion crisis triggered by Danish cartoonists,
 was printed in the China Times, major news in Taiwan; 
 pic. right : photo with Taiwan's national flower - plum flower, which endures extreme cold




pic. left: my illustration on The China Times,           pic. middle:  my critiques on The China Times ,  a major news in Taiwan   
  pic. right:   Criticism on Olympics, United Daily News  ,  a major news in Taiwan




pic. :   critiques on Taiwan's creativity, printed in United Daily News



social platforms    ; <Facebook>   <Twitter>
<pinterest>   ; <LinkedIn> 









pic. left:  travel with American friend                    pic. right:   together with mom in 228 political memorial park







Dr. Lent is writing an article about cartoon career of Zola Zu's families


pic.: US professor Dr. Lent, researcher Xu, chair professor on Comm. Shiao, Zola Zu, in Sheraton, 2019

Dr. Lent is writing an article about cartoon career of Zola Zu's families 

ps: Sheraton is located in secret police headqtr. of White Terror era of Taiwan




College days


pic. photo with Liberty Statue, at top of twin towers, the US







pic. below: In Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center, USA








pic.: has been fighting against evil power,
 in an u
n-proportional 'war' worse than the photo (199X) above




pic.  travel to White House, DC








pic.  working in computer lab., US campus

(after getting a computer job in Chicago, I returned to Taiwan)







pic.  as a teacher in 10 universities
and colleges, Taiwan













pic. Worked as an accounting & financial officer  (Reserved  Officer  Service for about 1.5 years)  after graduated from university in Taiwan
This is the calm before the storm coming soon   



reporter first reach final line

  Zola Zu is the reporter
 first reaching political crime-line

pic. left:

Zola Zu has been fighting against
dark force
for years 韶vs武



Season's greetings from arts-world in Germany, France, Holland, China, Spain, Italy, Israel, Belgium, UK, Holland, Italia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Iran, Japan, etc.





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