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Michelin 2023 /  street food comparisons among Asian countries

Singapore 17 newly awarded Bib Gourmand street hawker stalls
79 hawker stalls selected in 2023 Bib Gourmand
Hong Kong 25 Street Food restaurants

12 Street Food restaurants


Taste Atlas Nov. 2023 /  best rated street foods in the world

 Top 50 - Asian countries comparison - number of street foods selected
Taiwan - no any street foods was selected in world top 50
Indonesia No.1 Siomay, No.2 Batagor, No.15 Pempek, No.43 Bubur ayam, No.44 Nasi uduk, No.45 Serabi
China No.4 Guotie, No.14 Pan-fried pork buns (Shengji mantou), No.23 Baozi

No.9 Banh mi, No.16 Meat and Cold Cut Banh, No.38 Beef pho


No. 28 Tikka, No.49 Chole bhature


No.5 Roti canai


No.26 Shawarma

Taiwan No. 84 Taiwanese Acallion Pancake (蔥抓餅, Taiwanese Green Onion Pancake): Though similar varieties of scallion pancakes can be found in other Asian countries, in Taiwan they are a common and sought-after treat that is usually enjoyed as a snack or an accompaniment to other dishes. The pancakes are prepared with an unleavened dough that is flattened, sprinkled with sliced scallions, and then rolled and pressed to form a flat pancake that is pan-fried until crispy.

National Geographic (2024-2-16): Today, Taiwan is a melting pot of East Asian tastes, traditions and culinary techniques.   Taiwan has acted as a cultural crossroads for over 500 years, having played host to Japanese, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese settlers.  With its spectacular street vendors and long list of Michelin-starred spots, the capital, Taipei, is often the go-to destination for food-focused visitors to Taiwan.


NPR (2024-2-22): Even though about 90% of people in Taiwan have Chinese ancestry, they have forged a cuisine that is, in many ways, their own. What distinguishes Chinese food from the unique flavors in Taiwanese food is a bit of a nebulous thing. Taiwanese food is, I would say, a combination of all of our waves of colonization and governance (Dutch, Japanese ...), key difference: Taiwanese food is sweet. Besides, Taiwan is the only subtropical country in the world where short-grain rice are the grain of choice  brief  Mallory Yu , Ailsa Chang , Patrick Jarenwattananon , Jonaki Mehta 


Yahoo Life, Daily Meal (2024-2-18): Breakfast In Taiwan Is All About Street Food  From traditional eats like turnip cakes and salted soy milk to more Western-familiar offerings like variations on porridge and fluffy scrambled eggs, Taiwanese breakfast is not just an important meal of the day, it's essential.  


NPR (2024-1-9): Taiwan's long history of colonization has forged its distinct cuisine


DailyMail (UK), 2023-4-28:  Young Australian student on his dream overseas exchange program is fighting for his life in Taiwan after eating street food laced with rat poison.  He had been misdiagnosed in Taiwan with an immune disorder.  Alex is at the Taipei Medical University Hospital ...The medical services in Taiwan don't currently have the right treatments or drugs to stabilise his condition, Alex's condition has grown worse and he needs to be flown to the Royal Prince Albert Hospital in Sydney via a specialised medical flight retrieval service


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Michelin 2022 /  street food comparisons among Asian countries

Singapore 1 street food stall with 1 MICHELIN Star
5 Bib Gourmand street food stalls (including 1 new)
6 MICHELIN Selected street food stalls (including 1 new)
40 Bib Gourmand hawker centre stalls (including 3 new)

62 MICHELIN Selected hawker centre stalls (including 1 new)
Hong Kong 15 Street Food establishments (including 2 new additions)
Macau 8 Street Food establishments

PS: intro some street food:

 New York Times, 2023-3-16:  Because of gentrification and noise complaints, many of Taipei's night markets aren't as robust as they were decades ago. Ningxia Night Market is a distinguished exception, ... many of the food stalls here...

BBC, 2024-1-7: Taiwan's scrumptiously rich cuisine showcases Taiwan's thorny politics / ...the food of Taiwan's indigenous tribes was almost impossible to find outside of the communities. But that has been changing as Taiwan's identity takes shape, often in defiance of Chinese claims.    foodies swarm the island's markets to devour braised pork rice, crispy-fried Taiwanese popcorn chicken, overwhelmingly fermented "stinky" tofu and oyster omelettes. This is the food of Chinese immigrants who came from the 17th Century onwards. Most of them were from Fujian in the east and Guangdong to its south. But the flavours they brought have turned local. The Fujian version uses less batter, while in Guangdong it is crispier and dipped in fish sauce. The Taiwanese version pays a lot of attention to the batter. It tastes a bit thick and sticky but Taiwanese people love it

New York Times, 2022-6-28: Taiwanese Fried Chicken Meets the Moment / As crispy chicken soars in popularity, Taiwanese American chefs are reimagining the street-food classic.    New York Times, 2022-1-19Many of Taiwan's residents are now proud of their island's culinary offerings, whether it is the classic beef noodle soup — a mix of mainland influences unique to Taiwan — or bubble milk tea, a modern invention.    BBC, 2022-3-30: Today, stinky tofu ( that's reminiscent of sour milk and rotting garbage) is still primarily a street food throughout Taiwan, where it’s as synonymous with the country’s outdoor night markets as beef noodle soup. Shenkeng Old Street is an entire boulevard dedicated to the dish, Dai's House of Stinky Tofu is Since 1989   Taipei Times, 2022-9-10:  classic Taiwanese street food — oyster omelet, guabao (pork belly buns), beef noodles, xiansuji (Taiwanese-style crispy fried chicken), stinky tofu and pot stickers.   Taiwan News, 2022-3-23: Pizza Hut unleashed the "Cilantro Century Egg Pig’s Blood Cake Pizza" (香菜皮蛋豬血糕比薩), which was well-received by some Taiwanese but met with disgust by many foreign readers.   In Michelin 2021, Taipei's food was ranked behind Japan's Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Osaka, Singapore, Seoul Korea, Shanghai


CNN:  street foods in Asia, 2022-8-24

Taiwan nBubble tea: No trip to Taiwan would be complete without at least one bubble tea.   the classic recipe calls for rich, silky, shaken green or black tea with sizable black tapioca balls, which require a special straw to drink.
nSalt & pepper fried chicken Coated in sweet potato flour then double-fried to add crunch and lock in moisture...
nStinky tofu: Essentially, vendors soak bean curd in brine, then let it ferment for hours, days, weeks or months at a time.
best street foods in other Asian countries   


   Lonely Planet, 2022-9-30: What to eat and drink in Taiwan / Yongkang Beef NoodlesTaipei.  pearl milk tea, zhenzhu naicha (珍珠奶茶) in Chun Shui Tang, Taipei.  gooey oyster omelets (蚵仔煎), ‘salt-crisp’ fried chicken tossed with basil leaves and five-spice, and shaved ice desserts (剉冰) in Miaokou Night Market, Keelung.  aboriginal Formosans cuisine: wild boar served with onions and greens, steamed rice stuffed into bamboo tubes, and millet wine – once the tonic of tribal rituals. You might also encounter dishes of betel-nut salad, bird’s nest fern and even flying squirrel try it in Taiya Popo, Yilain.   


Economist  /    Global Food Security Index 2022
Taiwan is not included

world rank country Overall Score Affordability Availability Quality & safety Sustainability & Adaptation
6 Japan 79.5 89.8 81.2 77.4 66.1
14 NZ 77.8 91.6 67.7 73.1 75.1
22 Australia 75.4 93.3 61.1 84 58.8
23 UAE 75.2 86.7 73.8 81.3 55.2
25 China 74.2 86.4 79.2 72.0 54.5
28 Singapore 73.1 93.2 77.8 69.7 44.3
30 Qatar 72.4 88.6 72.9 71.7 51.0
39 S Korea 70.2 76.8 71.5 71.5 58.5
41 Malaysia 69.9 87.0 59.5 74.7 53.7
46 Vietnam 67.9 84.0 60.7 70.2 52.2
63 Indonesia 60.2 81.4 50.9 56.2 46.3
64 Thailand 60.1 83.7 52.9 45.3 51.6



Best Cuisines in the world
Taste Atlas
TasteAtlas Awards: World’s Best Cuisines - TasteAtlas Awards 2021

No. 1. Italy, score 4.72 14. Poland 26. Georgia Bosnia
2. Greece, score 4.68 15. Germany 27. Czech Malaysia
3. Spain, score 4.59 16. Indonesia 28. Bulgaria Lebanon
4. Japan, score 4.59 17. Croatia 29. UK Ukraine
5. India, score 4.54 18. Argentina 30. Thailand Palestine
6. Mexico 19. S. Korea Belgium Bangladesh
7. Turkey 20. Vietnam Nederland Lithuania
8. USA 21. Hungary Austria No. 45  Taiwan,
 score 3.96
9. France 22. Romania Algeria
10. Peru 23. Philippines Denmark
11. China 24. Iran S. Africa
12. Brazil 25. Serbia Syria
13. Portugal      


 Seattle Times, 2021-8-14:  In Taiwan, big data turns pig’s blood and century eggs into hot pizza toppings  /    In 2019, Domino’s Pizza created the boba — a pizza served with sweet tapioca pearls as an homage to the popular bubble milk tea.  ... ramen and spicy hot pot pizza. It even made a pizza topped with durian — a thorny fruit ... The latest invention — featuring a street delicacy made of sticky rice and pig’s blood, and preserved eggs.  “Every now and then, Taiwanese will go crazy over a new popular, well-talked about food” . “Taste does not seem to be their top priority.” ●  Bloomberg, 2021-4-16: Total arrivals last year crashed 88%... life isn’t quite normal. For example, at the Ningxia Night Market in Taipei, masks and plastic screens are among the precautions used to prevent the virus from spreading. With a lack of foreign tourists, Shilin’s market has been shifting its focus to the 100,000-plus students who study nearby.  brief from:    Apple Daily, 2021-3-12: Shi-lin night market "miserable street scene" , more bosses than customers, “expensive”, "smoke smells", "too homogeneous & unattractive", "delivery platforms are emerging", "no foreign tourists"... most ever stores closed in recent 30 yrs   Apple Daily editorial, 1-5-2021:  chaos !  Taiwanese people lost confidence in gov. pork control strategy.  famous shop "Formosa Chang" was questioned too.  AP 11-23-2020: Taiwanese business may not be ethical ... mix the U.S. pork ( Ractopamine pork banned by 150+ countries ) with Taiwan pork   Yahoo News, 12-16-2020: Singapore’s hawker culture was officially approved  (Dec.16, 2020) to be inscribed into UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.  But Taiwan's night market hawker culture was not selected     China Times 7-15-2020,  till now the govt. only work on night market's toilet room, the rest is far behind the standard int'l metro's needs...    Taipei mayor Ko: Our night markets and markets are too dirty !   The best-known expert in toxic study, professor Yen: Minimize the times of dining out to protect your health !

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 cheap foods, cheap environment





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