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Cartoon arts from 70+ countries

  Guest expo. :  a widely-known dissident / controversial Communist Chinese avant-garde artist Ai Wei Wei (艾未未)'s artworks:

   ranking world No.1 "cartoon contest" by all search engines for about straight 7 years details
   very courageous art-works against tough-dirt politics are included 
   world 1st-time cartoon contest & exhibition on the net since ever


  Courage world cartoon contest 

  Caricature art-works (Italia)   expo   expo2  
  Cartoons of humor & satire   expo  
  World cartoons collections (some not included in the list below)     expo  
  Print Design (Germany)          expo  
  Painting cartoons (Holland)    expo   expo  
  ☉  Cartoon-artists country A-Z :  
  Albania  expo      
  Argentina     expo Italia (Italy)    expo   expo   expo   
  Australia  expo Japan  expo    
  Austria     expo Kazakhstan    expo  
  Belgium expo Korea            expo   expo   expo  
  Belrus     expo Liberia          expo   expo  
  Brazil   expo Lietuva  expo  
  Bulgaria  expo Macedonia  expo   
  Canada  expo Maxico      expo  
  Chile below Mongolia        expo   expo  
  China  expo   expo  expo expo   expo   expo   expo   expo Nigeria  expo   expo  
  Croatia  expo Philippines             expo  
  Cuba     expo Poland       expo   expo  
  Cyprus expo Portugal         expo  
  Czech   expo Romania         expo   expo   expo   expo    expo    expo    expo    expo  
  Egypt                         expo Russia           expo   expo   expo   expo    expo  
  England (UK, BG)     expo Singapore               expo   expo    
  Finland                        expo Slovakia           expo  
  France       expo   expo Spain         expo    
  Germany   expo   expo    expo Sweden  expo   expo  
  Greece       expo Syria  expo  
  Holland    expo Taiwan(ROC)  expo  
  India          expo   expo Thailand     expo  
  Indonesia  expo   expo    expo Turkey   expo   expo   expo    expo  
  Iraq           expo Ukraine  expo   expo   expo    expo  
  Iran       expo   expo USA  expo  
  Israel         expo   expo   Yugoslavia  expo  
  Ireland expo      
  Caricature art-works  (Israel)   expo    
  Political cartoons, theme : 911 New York twin towers     expo (Romania)   expo(France)  
  Political editorial cartoons (Singapore)    expo  expo    
  cartoons in Chile  expo  (non-contest works)    
  PS1: some other countries like Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, etc will take turn to be exhibited in here    
  PS2: "China" means mainland China




  Courage world cartoon contest 

    Courage World Cartoon Contest & Exhibition( including ads, graphic design, comments, etc  ―  world 1st-time int'l cartoon contest & expo on the net  )