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Yahoo Taiwan, 2023-4-29: Costco's Kirkland Three Berry Blend was Hepatitis A virus detected.  This berry product imported from Chile has been sold out 17 thousands kg to Taiwanese consumers already.好市多-這水果-染a肝病毒-嚴重恐致死-已賣1-011743182.html





pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan Costco" on Microsoft Bing, 2021-9-22, Nov. 3, 2020, No.3 on US Google at 2021-9-22



pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan Costco" on Yahoo Taiwan, 2021-9-22, Nov. 3, 2020; No.2 at 2021-6-8, top page on Google, Nov. 3, 2020




pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan Costco" (Chinese version) on Google, 2021-6-8, 12-22-2020, Dec. 7, 2020, 8-16-2019





★ Yahoo news,  The Central News Agency, 2021-9-22, Costco's "green asparagus" imported from Peru were detected heavy metal cadmium three times higher than the legal standard, therefore those asparagus in total 1920 kg were destroyed.


★ TTV News, 2021-6-8, 16:35: imported Avocado were found again Cadmium exceeding legal standard.

★ Yahoo News, 2021-4-27:  Imported apples by Costco (好市多) were repeatedly found pesticide residue exceeding legal standard.  Avocado imported from the US were found Cadmium 6.2 times over standard  (好市多又上榜!美國進口酪梨重金屬超標-6-倍-1980-公斤遭退運-032759110.html)

★  Costco is suspected of the crimes of coercion, offenses against Abandonment, Offenses of Malicious Accusation, and perhaps, Offense of Homicide / Apple Daily, China Times, etc,  4-16-2019




pic. 3

pic. 2


All major news reported at 4-16-2019 that Costco Taiwan has been hit with some lawsuits including the crimes of coercion, offenses against Abandonment, Offenses of Malicious Accusation, and perhaps, Offense of Homicide, which were brought by the victim. 


pic.1: A customer was push down to the ground by Costco staffs' violence.   Costco mistreated him as a thief, and stopped him from leaving.


pic. 2:  ERA TV news (年代新聞) : If I were him, I will bring a law-suit against Costco, and will fight to the end !  ERA TV newscaster:  the strong should not bully those who are weak ! 


pic. 3: Costco wants to search a customer, eventually, police came and found nothing in his belongings


videos of newspapers and TV news :



To deal with CovID-19
 Next TV news (壹新聞), Dec. 13, 2020:  Costco provides free sample for customers to try, part of customers did not properly wear mask after eating sample.


  TVBS , 8-7-2020: found no Thermal imaging temperature equipment at Costco entrance, some advices : transparent plastic partitions should be installed to separate customers in eating area.作法不-家樂福停部分試吃-好市多撤熱像儀-124054497.html  

pic.: Hyper-markets' safety measure comparison: Carrefour cancels part of free samples Fe-amart (愛買)PXmart (全聯) still offer free samples to eat / TVBS,  8-7-2020    ps: ●  Dec. 13, 2020: In RT Mart (中崙 branch)Thermal imaging temperature equipment at entrance, no free sample for customers to try.




pic.1: The sites-group was ranked No.1 by "comment Costco Taiwan" on US Bing, test at 5-5-2019 





pic.: The sites-group was ranked No.1
by "comment Costco Taiwan" on US Bing, test at 5-5-2019





pic.: The sites-group was ranked No.1
by Chinese keyword "comment Costco Taiwan" on Bing, test at




pic.: The sites-group was ranked No.1
by "comment Costco Taiwan" on Yahoo Taiwan, test at 5-6-2019


pic.  : No.3 "comment Taiwan Costco" on US Google, 5-23-2019







★  Costco made mistakes 11 times already in upper year of 2018   /  brief from Apple Daily(蘋果日報), United Daily(聯合報), ettoday(東森), etc,  08-22-2018



pic.: The avocados imported from USA by Costco in 2018 contained Cadmium (WHO: Group 1A carcinogens) 1 time the legal standard  ( Avocados imported from New Zealand by Costco in 2012 containing pesticide residue exceeded  the legal standard )


pic.: Frozen shrimps imported from Thailand by Costco contained carcinogens Nitrofuran; Costco was mess up
11 times in upper year of 2018

 The avocados imported from USA by Costco in Aug., 2018 contained Cadmium (WHO: Group 1A carcinogens) 1 time the legal standard  ( Avocados imported from New Zealand by Costco in 2012 containing pesticide residue exceeded  the legal standard ),  Frozen shrimps imported from Thailand by Costco contained carcinogens Nitrofuran (「硝基呋喃」代謝物) Costco was mess up 11 times in upper year, mainly,  pesticide residue content in fruits (e.g., blueberry, strawberry, raspberry ) is above the legal standard.


 Consumers' Foundation, Chinese Taipei (中華民國消費者文教基金會)

Chang Gung Mem. Hospital Toxicology expert professor  Yen Tzung-Hai M.D. (顏宗海, Doctor, Univ. of London ): Cadmium is Group 1A carcinogens, increases the risk of getting lung cancer and Prostate cancer,long-term exposure increases Nephrotoxicity and risk of kidney disease。

Another expert M.D. (台北榮總毒物科醫師吳明玲) pointed out, Cadmium almost almost can't be removed out of human body, long-term exposure increases risk of kidney or bone disease (造成腎臟、骨頭病變,關節疼痛) etc





 聯合報,  1-18-2019   Arsenic in Costco fish oil above legal standard !

pic. middle: Tai-chung City government found
Costco signature brand
100% wild 
Alaskan Salmon Oil

is against Taiwan's latest legal standard

the content of Arsenic (砷  0.79ppm)
in Costco's fish oil 
exceed the new set standard (0.1ppm),



However, Taiwanese government thinks
the fish oil still can be sold legally.



Tai-chung City government opposed that,
李善植 thinks that new standard gives
more protections to human health.

pic. right:  Plasticizer in Costco National Vita DHA 5 times the legal standard!








  Costco's  Earthbound farm frozen organic 3 berries contain something extra ??  May 2019 





pic. above:

  Costco's  Earthbound farm frozen organic 3 berries
(blue berry、 black berry、 raspberry覆盆莓
the bag's label said there're berries only, without any addictives 



pic. above:

However, after soaking berries with drinking water,
the color of water became bloody red,
you probably need to change water 5+ times
 to get rid of most of the red






RT mart vs Costco, in price of avocado,  April, May 2019



pic. above: RT mart avocado, NT 59 for each
 (April 2019 ~ may 12, 2019) costs less
than Costco;

Pic. right: The price of Jason's Market on Far Eastern Dept. Store
 (they have branches in Taipei 101 tower too) 
is NT49.5 each, even cheaper than RT Mart, test at 5-6-2019


ps.: Costco avocado, one bag
(5 pieces usually before, but 6 at 5-11-2019)
 costs  NT389,
about NT 65 for each






  東森財經(EBC), ettoday東森 (Eastern Media International Corp.),  11-6-2018

       Plasticizer in Costco's National Vita DHA (a very popular healthy product aiming at the elderly, kids and pregnant women) 5 times the legal standard!

       Netcizens blamed Costco for less and less direct imported products, "Costco never do some inspections on their goods?"





Apple Daily (蘋果日報), China Times (中國時報), etc,  5-26-2016

        pesticide residue was found in  QUAKER oats imported by Costco


pic. right: pesticide residue (Glyphosate, Group 2A carcinogens;「嘉磷塞」 N- glycine) was found in  Costco's very popular products QUAKER oats,


The Quaker in RT Mart also got same problem

pic. from video CTI  TV (中天):
Toxicology expert professor  Yen Tzung-Hai M.D.:
Glyphosate, Group 2A carcinogens





★   SETN TV News , 3-2-2019  

          A transparent plastic sheet was found inside of a crispy butter cake, a popular product of Costco.
          Many customers lashed out Costco for their "blindness", lousy quality control,
some Netizens blamed Costco in that "We had enough Plasticizer from Costco cake !", "Costco won't do this in the US !"

pic. 1

pic. 2: Costco Chestnuts
gone mouldy


pic. 3: Costco Cheese with fungus,  mold,  mould ;

cheese pic from Hsu Linda,  4-9-2018, in Costco Tai-Chung


          For further details:




★ The Liberty Times, 1-28-2019


Lots of complaints and blames on Costco Taiwan were on the net, e.g.,  Costco's goods "J" something brand dishwashing liquid became so stinky after using a few days, even the scouring pads (Scrub) and the drain became stinky too... 、J brand dishwashing liquid has strong chemical smells although its degreasing function is good... 、 Costco's wipes always leave a bunch of bubbles after being used, and the skin is slippery ...、 Costco's gloves got 'chiping' inside, very disgusting !、 Costco's Alkaline battery had weeping, or some discharge in it ...


Netizens also blamed Costco for their "should be alert" foods, e.g., chestnuts they have become mildewed only a few days after taking them home、 Some Taro instant soft rice (sweet potato rice."即食粥") is terrible sweet tasting、 Matcha (森半抹茶粉) is too sweet too、 (steamed) bun and jiaozi (dumpling) taste really bad、  Costco toast (bread) go moldy very very soon  、  Costco's Cabbage from Korea is too hard to cut by knife、 Costco's Green bean  (Snap bean "四季豆") tastes very awful ...
A Netizen on Costco side said that those 'spoiler alert' foods had gone already.


ref. to,





★  ettoday (東森) 11-6-2018

Costcochestnuts became mildewed in about 3 days.  Costco agrees that the "rejected & returned merchandise ratio"  is very high.   Some Netizen customers suggest putting them in cold storage or refrigeration as soon as possible.





★  Next Magazine (壹周刊) 9-19-2018
Costco's strawberry layer cake (草莓千層蛋糕) has been a high CP value product, but a cake bought in 9/13/2018 was found moldy only a few days after eating half of it.  The customer lashed out Costco for "going overboard" or "going too far"(會不會太誇張).


pic.1: Costco cake was found moldy

pic. 2: Costco's purse seems a second-hand product,
with yucky mold, musty smells, and 2 used tickets inside





★    SETN TV News , (三立新聞網) , 7-1-2018

《Costco好市多 商品經驗老實說》:

The pork a customer bought from Costco has mold already...


Some laughs on the internet are "moldy flavour pork (「霉粉口味」)", "Costco should rename as AlertCo" (「改名叫雷市多好了…」)...






★  ettoday  4-11-2018

All 3 packs of cheese, a high Cost-Performance rate product, were found mold (mould) or mycete, mucedine on it.




★  CTI TV news (中天新聞),  2-8-2018


pic.: The brand-new washing machine from Costco

was suspected of a used product, because of moldy

and wet net bags, the customer complained that it's

 obviously a second handed stuff.






  Costco vs  RT Mart,    Mango price ,    May 5~11, 2019





pic.: Costco mangos (愛文芒果) in the box at left side, 8 pieces for NT379 (NT47.4 each),
RT mart's mangos in the bag at right side, the price is cheaper (NT42.5 each)

In RT mart, you can pick whatever you like into your bag, but in Costco, you can only choose which box you like.






★ The Liberty Times, 11-30-'16
Costco's purse seems a second-hand product, with yucky mold, musty smells, and 2 used tickets inside.   Some other said the razor from Costco was found some stubbles.   




★ The NEXT TV news, 8-6-'12

A customer found lots of white powders on his Truffle chocolate  (松露巧克力) from Costco, when he took the merchandise back to Costco, the manager ate it at front of the customer and said that you can wipe out the white powders and eat it without any problem, this trigger his anger and would bring a complaint case against Costco rather than return it...





Costco  / worst example for businesses


  ● Apple Daily News (蘋果日報)  1-22-2016: The Green bean in Costco was found by Green Peace (world famous organization) that pesticide residue of Hexaconazole exceeded and was up to 7 times the legal standard, pesticide residue of  Dimethomorph 68 times the legal standard, furthermore, Costco doesn't have any pesticide adm. strategy &  policy, and is evaluated the worst demo. or negative example for enterprises ...  (四季豆農藥菲克利超標7達滅芬超標68倍且無農藥管理政策被認為是最糟企業負面示範...) According to study, excessive Dimethomorph hurts liver, excessive Hexaconazole may cause liver cancer.


  ● Liberty Times (自由時報) 1-22-2016:  it's lousy poisonous!  Costco declared their pesticide residue is legitimate for both Taiwan and US law, but Green Peace expressed Costco's agricultural produces  were found twice excessive pesticide residue being against Taiwan law and regulation in last year, this time their green beans violated both Taiwan and US regulation (去年二度藥殘留超標違反台灣法規此次則同時違反台灣與美國規範)...


  ● The China Times (中國時報) 1-22-2016 The pesticide residues of Costco green beans were found up to 7 different kinds of pesticides, and Costco is not willing to provide with any specific measures for pesticide adm. issue (具體禁用農藥措施), in contrast, French Carrefour (家樂福or 全聯 do better and are willing to protect consumers rights for food safety...


Pic: It's  poisonous! The pesticide residue of Green bean in Costco was found 68 times the legal standard. / The China Times, Liberty Times, 1-22-2016

Costco used black-heart containers , The Liberty Times, 12-11-2016

      Those black-heart containers were made of recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, which is against the law & regulations.

Costco discriminates cancer patients , Apple Daily (蘋果日報) 5-15-2016


Costco forced a cancer patient losing hair for recurrence to change a new member card with a new photo because Costco doesn't accept that patient's explanation and alternative - check by her ID card,  <Consumers' Foundation> (消基會財團法人中華民國消費者文教基金會) criticized Costco does not care about consumer's dignity and honor (『不顧消費者尊嚴』).



Costco's Quaker oats contains Glyphosate (synthetic biocide) ,  China Times Weekly   6-3-2016 ~ 6-9-2016

      Quaker oats imported from USA contains Glyphosate (synthetic biocide) which may increase risk of getting cancer.

Costco recalls CRF organic frozen foods ( 5-4-2016 ~ 4-26-2016) due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

       Listeria monocytogenes can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail, elder people...





Costco cheery and grapes were found illegal pesticide  

Taiwanese government : Taiwan (Kaohsiung) Costco's US imported cherry (contain BUPROFEZIN "布芬淨" ) and grapes (contain Cyfluthrin  "賽服寧")  were found pesticide exceeding the legal standard. (details pls refer to United Daily of 8.20.2014)


Costco again ! Paylean again !
    Costco ham has
    Feb. 19,
Costco again ! Fresh raspberry has pyraclostrobin
May 7,
Taiwan food crisis again? (食安又亮紅燈了嗎?)

Last week Costco's ham was detected Ractopamine,  this time Costco was found to have Paylean.

343kg ham imported from USA have been detected and found to have Ractopamine, Taiwanese government expressed Costco's ham will be check strictly (100% all of Costco ham) in the future  ......

source:, TTV news (台視新聞) 2014-02-19

ps:  , wikipedia:   Banned drug, 萊克多巴胺, in English is Ractopamine.



Costco imported food contains pesticide.

Costco's (Kaohsiung Costco) fresh raspberry was detected pesticide residues (農藥百克敏) pyraclostrobin 0.12ppm , see below.

Taiwan's famous M.D. (林口長庚腎臟科醫師顏宗海) expressed this drug which violates Taiwan's law may hurt human liver if having too much according to animal tests ... as for another banned drug (賽滅寧) may cause breath failure and cancer etc... (see Chinese version below for precise meaning)

好市多進口食品又出包!衛福部食品藥物管理署(5.7.2014)公布最新一波邊境查驗不合格食品名單,名單中赫見高雄好市多(Costco)自美國進口的一批、重量達254公斤的「鮮覆盆子」(「DRISCOLL Strawberry Assoc. Inc. 新鮮覆盆子(Fresh  Raspberry)」) 檢出不得殘留的殺菌劑百克敏,依規定全數予以退運或銷毀。 顏宗海醫師表示,百克敏雖低毒性,但動物實驗證實,大量曝露恐對肝臟造成損害。 高雄好市多自美國進口的這批檢出殘留農藥百克敏0.12ppm,但依國內「殘留農藥安全容許量標準」規定,百克敏屬於不得檢出項目。 林口長庚腎臟科醫師顏宗海表示,百克敏是殺菌劑,主要用來抑制黴菌,雖然屬於低毒性、也沒有致癌性,但經動物試驗證實,大量暴露之下仍會對肝臟造成損害;至於賽滅寧是除蟲菊精類的農藥,毒性較強,大量暴露恐致噁心、嘔吐,嚴重者甚至會休克、呼吸衰竭,還有致癌性。

 source : Apple Daily, etc,  May 7, 2014

白列克敏 :
 (1) Boscalid (
白克列)  + (2)pyraclostrobin (百克敏)

殺菌劑 a disinfectant (; Antiseptic(

  Costco Taiwan
Costco Kirkland Roast Seasoned Seaweed contains sweetener
     May 28, 2014
Costco (Taiwan) Kirkland Dried Cherry (imported from USA) detected pesticide(賽扶寧
  Mar. 12, 2014

Costco seaweed illegal
pic.: Costco Kirkland roast seasoned seaweed was detected sweetener exceeding legal standard

Costco dried cherry has pesticide
pic.: Costco Kirkland dried cherry contained pesticide

source: TTV 5.28.2014 12:33pm「Costco again ! (又是好市多!)
Costco's Korea imported「KIRKLAND SIGNATUREKIRKLAND SIGNATURE 鹽烤海苔」was detected sweetener 0.04 g/kg, violating Taiwan's law 「食品添加物使用範圍及限量暨規格標準」,《食品安全衛生管理法》Article 18.

Costco Kirkland dried cherry was detected pesticide  Cyfluthrin, 0.26 ppm (source: TTV news 台視新聞 3.12.2014)

ps: pesticide "賽扶寧"  -  Cyfluthrin   (source:  )


moth body and ovum eggs were found in Costco oats  6/11/2013

moth and ovum eggs found in Costco oats

The Liberty Times, Taiwan (June 11, 2013): moth and ovum eggs were found in Costco Quaker oats (4.52kg package).

Mr. Tseng said one moth flied out of one of his Quaker oats bags bought from  Costco (中和branch) when he opened it.  Later he also found some unknown eggs and moth inside the bag.
(full text please refer to the left side picture )

  complaints to Costco
Omega watches  -  Exclusive news (June '14)

If you only concern about Omega's price, Omega official stores in the US offered better prices than Costco Taiwan Neihu.

Costco Neihu has Omega available now, but their prices seems not as cheap as those reported by Taiwan's local news years ago -  Costco USA sells Omega with low price so as to have legal case with Omega...

Below is one among several email-replies from Omega official stores in the US. (end of 2011) as your ref.:

The current retail price is $2,300 for the Seamaster Professional 300M in blue dial with quartz movement and this is referred to the James Bone watch. There are two size available, either 36.25mm or 41mm...


Omega SeaMaster quartz in the US offcial stores only ask USD 2300 (2011/2012) - about NT70,000

Costco's Kirkland peanut butter jam suspect to be contaminated by Salmonellas, <Apple Daily News>,  Oct. 16, 2012
           Costco declared nearly 10000 customers can return this suspected products (refund NT 349 for each) on prevention purpose.
   MD. (聯合醫院) advices weak elder persons and little kids may die for having food contaminated by Salmonellas.

Costco sold fake organic vegetables
       reported by CTV evening news , 7:25pm, April 26, 2012
            Taiwanese consumers should check CAS sign.
DailyMail UK (June 1, 2013) : 30 people infected with Hepatitis A after having frozen berry mix from Costco. TTV (June 2, 2013): Taiwan has imported Earthbound farm organic berry mix instead of Townsend Farms Organic Anti-Oxidant Blend caused disease. 

 ★ Costco and major markets stop selling US beef (for lots of Paylean, lean-meat-enhancing drugs cases were found recently in Taiwan's markets)
March 3, 2012, 12:06pm noon, by <FTV (民視)>, Taiwan
SET TV 3:12pm, Mar. 3, 2012 : 20000+ kg paylean US beef already been eaten by Taiwanese!? ... are those official inspections truly ?
  (3管5卡破功! 8成民眾反瘦肉精)  
                                                PS: Latest news : Taiwan permits  Paylean beef to be imported with some conditions.


AFP  ps: AFP (France), Mar. 6, 2012:  For "unable to document any legitimate food safety risk and used non-scientific reasons to justify their bans", Taiwan plans to lift ban on most drug-treated US beef, but internal organs from cattle containing ractopamine and ractopamine-treated pork products will still be banned.   In 2006 Taipei relaxed the rules to permit imports of boneless beef.   Till nowadays US meat with ractopamine, is still banned in China and the European Union.


   Costco sold out almost all beef products containing banned drugs  Jan. 15, 2011 19:15pm, by <CTS>, Taiwan 

Taiwanese government found Costco and RT-mart sold beef/steaks containing residue of banned chemical stuff ― Paylean, lean-meat-enhancing drugs (belong to B-agonist, i.e.,  Ractopamine, Clenbuterol, etc ).

Taiwanese health authorities ordered Costco and RT-mart to remove all remaining beef products (that tested positive for Paylean) from shelves,  but Costco ( 6 stores/branches ) had already sold out almost all of those beef/steaks . 

Why can those beef be imported to Taiwan ?   Taiwan's government confessed they didn't check every box.

How can people tell which is dangerous beef/steak?  The answer is you can't tell just by their look.


Costco's banned-drug beef news by media

in Costco

<Taipei Times> Taiwan, Jan 16, 2011

    3  beef products were found leanness drugs ...RT-mart with a reading of 0.64 ppb, ... COSTCO ... 1.46 ppb and 2.84 ppb. (Costco is about 3 times the test-value of RT-mart)

<China Times> Taiwan, Jan 16, 2011

    3  out of 11 randomly selected sampling in regular check were found lean-meat-enhancing drugs, Such a high ratio (nearly 30%) scares Taiwanese ―  "where's eating safety in Taiwan?" ...... Taiwanese Department of Health didn't order to remove remaining beef products with banned drugs as soon as they informed the public of the issue, and DOH has no idea about the source even till next day noon ...

<Liberty Times> Taiwan, Jan 16, 2011

   ◎ Headline of Life News : Banned drugs in beef probably had already been eaten by consumers/customers.

    ◎ Taiwan's Department of Health declared again and again .... but if DOH had not made such  simple chemical tests, none to mention to make comparatively complicated tests (e.g., 普立昂變性蛋白) ....

<United Daily News> Taiwan, Jan 16, 2011

   ◎ Europe ( same as Taiwan ) bans beef products containing lean-meat-enhancing drugs.

    ◎  Headline of Focus edition :  Costco and RT Mart removed all banned drugs beef from shelves.

<TVBS> Taiwan (headquarter in Hong Kong) ,  Jan 15, 2011  9:00 ~

     The US sold beef products without banned drugs to Europe, but not to Taiwan.

<the China Post> Taiwan, Jan 16, 2011

    Tests confirmed banned drugs in US beef, AIT urges Taiwan to allow ractopamine in meat legally.

<Apple Daily News> Taiwan, Jan 16, 2011

     Headline of Prime news : US beef products in Costco, RT-mart contain Paylean.

<the China Times> Taiwan, Jan 21, 2011

     Taiwan's law was ignored again and again .... it's too much !

<ETTV> (channel 57,  9:00 ~ ) Taiwan, Jan 20, 2011

     160+ countries banned Paylean,  US allows minor Paylean, but American only eat meat, Taiwanese eat every part of them (liver, heart, etc organs...), the rest part contains banned drugs more than 20 times than meat itself... (ps: That's the difference !)

(banned drugs in beef may result in Palpitation etc, and even serious heart diseases)



 Pic.  Ranking No.1 on google by "Comment Taiwan Costco" in Chinese, test at 10-7-2015

comment Costco Taiwan : rank No1 on Yahoo 

   Pic.   "comment Costco Taiwan" ranks No.1 on English Yahoo, tested at June 2, 2014

 Pic.   "comment Costco" in Chinese ranks No.1 on Google, tested at June 2, 2014
"Costco Taiwan" ranked No.2 , next to Costco official web-sites, tested at Feb. 8, 2012


About Costco :

   The Costco Wholesale Corp. outlet in Taipei's Neihu high-tech district, (Taiwan's only wholesale club chain) is the 567-store chain's second most profitable, behind a Korean outlet.  ( 2 other Taiwanese Costco stores are also ranking top 10, totally 5 Taiwanese stores stand top 20)  Costco is considering to enter an even bigger market : China.

   However, This US Corp. in  Taiwan (Nei Hu) is not very democratic and modern (seems to me)  -   since 1995 there's no  "questions & comments" email-box provided for customers,  unlike COSTCO USA  "Back to basics".    Costco Taiwan said (via the phone, 2010 ) that customers can drive ( long way for me) to drop a  letter to their suggestion-box in NeiHu, this reminds me an old western cartoon of  satire & humor :  suggestion box is hanged in a high place .

  Costco's Taiwan chief, Mr. Richard Chang, said that one reason they are profitable during these bad economic days and one way of distinguishing itself is to use Costco's U.S. policy of trying to guarantee its prices are the market's lowest (Costco has worked with local vendors to cut costs and prices), but it's not difficult to find lower price goods in some other supermarkets in Taiwan, like RT-mart and French Carrefour.

   Below please find some examples  :

  (1) VitaMix blender in Costco Taiwan is asking about USD 800, compare model 5200 blender in USA for only USD449.   or

       Besides, Costco's Vitamix is made for Taiwanese or Asian only, not same as Vitamix 5200 in Costco USA. 

  (2)  As for steaks imported from USA, Costco's tag price is not the lowest.

RT-Mart offers NT 29.9(about USD0.95) per 100g, for steak imported from USA,
a lot cheaper than Costco's price.


  (3) Costco's Centrum is made for Taiwanese (or Asian?) too, not those sold in USA or some international airports.  (I cannot find many items for elders in Nei-hu, like <supports alertness & short-term memory>)

  (4) Ralph Lauren POLO clothes and pants is more expensive than some widely-known "outlet" garment shops in Taipei, Macau (Trav. Praia Grande; Avenida de D. Joao IV), China (Shanghai Taobao City, XiangYang Market, but I heard 90+% of them are fake ones, and many other places like GuangZou, Zhuhai ), etc.

        Ralph Lauren official outlet online, Macy's (USA) clearance sale and some others provide with good-price, more assorted products,
        i.e.,   Macys is offering Ralph Lauren Andrew Stretch Lorduroy for big & tall, original price USD 125 down to USD24.99,
                 Shirt - Batik Striped Henley USD 98 down to USD 41.99.     May 15, 2010
        i.e.,   Ralph Lauren POLO outlet online offers 35 categories : Suits, Ties, belts, outwear, coats, leather goods, accessories, hats, etc. Costco Taiwan has
                 comparatively a lot smaller items to sell.

RL POLO outlet online

Macy's online

   (5)  Costco has not many watches (few kinds for each brand), I saw (early May 2010) a TISSOT - PRC200 leather ( watch for men ) for about USD 320 (NT9799), but Amazon offers cheaper price for about USD 259.99

          Omega is bringing a suit case against Costco for selling their products, but I don't see any Omega watches in Costco Neihu here.

   (6)  CostCo Taiwan doesn't have online products , but Costco USA and Canada do.  see below :


   (7)   <Fast Company> described Costco as an enterprise thinking highly of customers (higher than Costco stock-holders), but, Costco Taiwan Neihu doesn't have any email-box for customer's suggestion and communication since 1995,  in contrast,  Carrefour Taiwan, RT-Mart Taiwan, and Costco USA all do have.


   (8)   I only saw small number of top brand sport-shoes (for running, basketball, etc, May 2010 ) in aisles of merchandise stacked floor-to-ceiling.
          Costco sells less than 4000 kinds of products, others ( major rivals are RT-Mart of Taiwan and China, French Carrefour ) are between 40000
            and 80000 .

   (9)   Costco declares giving U.S. merchandise a local twist, but NeiHu store only has some sushi, I don't see (middle May '10) any fresh Japanese
          sashimi (raw fish slices), which is most favorite food in all 5 star hotels (all-you-can-eat-buffet) in Taiwan.

   (10)   Quite many items Costco sells are large-packed, if you don't have a large refrigerator, probably better choose RT-mart or Carrefour nearby. 


Costco Taiwan focuses on high-income, high-education market segmentation.

Costco said Taiwanese love imported products, unlike Japanese and Korean have strong brands of their own.  So, about two-fifths of the chain's merchandise is imported from USA.   Costco wants to make it as authentic as possible,  also localize.

Some customers feel Costco treats them as thieves for Costco's double checking customers receipts, Costco said their barcode scanner sometimes may make mistakes, that's why .... 

( reported in 2010, for precise translation pls. refer to Chinese version web-pages  )

ps:  (1) Omega watches available now in Costco, but price is not about half price as news reported several years ago.

      (2) Now Costco has member-comment form on the net for customers to send opinions, as for privacy policy ... I don't quite understand....     6.8.2014





Costco legal events



Costco imported sausage suspect to be contain Salmonella

CNA (Central News Agency)
Published: 2010-01-26 09:18 PM

Costco's exclusive, US imported DANIELE Italian-style sausage is suspected to be polluted by Salmonella, Costco informed the related authority and members to return the goods.

Taiwan government stated the 283G×3PK goods looks abnormal, Costco is informing customers by telephone or email.





 COSTCO sells false NuBra

    Aug. 16, '05   Apple Daily News, Taiwan

 Two Costco stores in Taiwan were accused by NuBra (brought a law suit by Mr. Jasper Chang) for selling low quality NuBra which is imported directly  from Costco USA, instead of being imported from NuBra company.


to be continued ...

PS: Liberty Times , Feb. 13, 2012:  Carrefour and RT-Mart in Neihu were found by Taiwan's government that their beef imported from the US contain banned drug, Ractopamine.