who is controlling 
Taiwan's speech of freedom
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   So many lay-outs and characters are shown wrongly for hackers' attacks

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 In the websites you could see so many lay-outs and characters being shown wrongly for hackers' attacks

  Taiwan's CovID policy: taking booster 3 months after 2nd dose, but CDC (USA) says booster should be taken 5 months after 2nd dose
Below is what hackers did -  you can not see US policy out there, all were deleted
and you can see  a big underscore were added by hackers on Diplomat's comments
From this minor example you might know how free Taiwan's speech is !
You (if you are experts) may catch the bugs  - from 
台灣新冠肺炎治癒率 、致死率、疫苗接種 覆蓋率 (intlhumanrights.com)


  Below is what I wrote about US CovID booster policy, which can not be shown, Feb. 7, 2022
Some media reported Taiwan imported some cutting-edge internet weapon from the US (probably used to to control the free expression )