Asian Games 2010 GuangZhou,China      
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Comments on China's creativity in Asian Games ―  the grade is better than that in Beijing's Olympics as well as in Shanghai's EXPO by Chinese media. 

         China (Asian Games 2010) VS. Taiwan (Deaflympics 2009)




                   How to lighten the cauldro in China
                   <1> burn a Chinese incense (joss stick)
                   <2> ignite a giant-dragon firecracker by that burning incense
                   <3> firecracker's flame shot up (like artillery or so-called arrows) and lit the cauldro

                   Report MISTAKES:
                   Most Media in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan reported that "lit the cauldron
                   " is full of "Chinese elements"... ,
                   HK's major media also commented : unexpected, impressive and overwhelming idea... (ps)

                   TRUTH is :
                   But, no any media mentioned this idea is quite similar to Taipei's Deaflympics in 2009 (Taiwan) as below:



                    How to lit the cauldro in Taiwan
                    <1> left pic. : burn a giant Chinese incense (joss stick usually used in temple
                                  for praying in front of Chinese gods)
                    <2> middle pic. : long string of firecrackers hanging and waiting for igniting by burning incense
                    <3> right pic. : firecrackers were burn and then lit the cauldron

PS:Disney animation film "Mulan" (1998) has a similar idea...

In addition to similar creativity above, the interesting part also includes :

(1) China declared before opening ceremony there're only 10 persons know the secret idea ―  how to lighten the cauldron.

(2) There's no Taiwanese media putting any comments on this China's creativity is similar to Taiwan's creativity appeared 1 year earlier (till now 2 days after opening ceremony).

(3) A huge difference between China and Taiwan :
               There are lots of applauses for this China's creativity in GuangZhou 2010,
               but there's no applause in major Taiwanese newspapers for the firecrackers-to-lighten-the-cauldron creativity  in Taipei's Deaflympics  (2009).

      So, perhaps some story is behind the scene, or it proved one thing ―  Taiwan doesn't think highly of or is not tasteful on creativity (they want communication, 'arts', and political /marketing effect),  but China is trying every efforts to make a style witty opening ceremony, although some of performances are quite similar to Taiwan's or Las Vegas' or ...

             The opening ceremony in Beijing Olympics or Shanghai's Expo. is not clever and bit boring , but Guangzhou's Asian Games has modified the direction and on the right track.

    Beijing Olympics     Shanghai's EXPO     Asian Games    WorldGames & Deaflympics    

Hong Kong's major newspaper MinPao (Nov. 13, 2010) comments the firecracker creativity as an unexpected, impressive and overwhelming idea. (Chinese language report :
... 何隨即被兩名表現調皮、膽怯的小朋友抓住,要他點茬鶪介〞漱j爆竹,爆竹隨即噴出的數十枚如穿雲箭的煙火,直射上高台點燃聖火,亞運在一片驚呼聲中開幕。觀眾見了這一幕終於「收貨」,紛紛說﹕「開幕式不錯,挺有氣勢的!」)

Hong Kong's leading news Apple Daily (11.13.2010) comments that using firecrackers to lighten the cauldron is full of impressive creativity & rich southern Cantonese culture.....  (Chinese language report : 珠江水上飄、炮仗點火炬,富於創意和嶺南文化特色的開幕式,給人留下深刻印象同時,也被指製造了聲光污染。)

Taiwan's CTI TV (Sat. night 10:00 Nov. 13, 2010) reported that generally speaking media in mainland China gave higher credits to opening ceremony in Asian Games than that in Beijing's Olympics or in Shanghai's EXPO 2010. 

Singapore's the Straits Times comments (11.13.2010) that : ... The ceremony kicked off with a small boy floating down from the sky on a leaf-like carriage lit in green. He poured water from a bottle, setting off giant fountains which sprayed in arcs across the stage. Four dozen water goddesses seemed to walk across the water, followed by a dozen fairies rising out of pools in the stage floor.
Performers flapping large pieces of red cloth scrambled across the stage to create the image of petals dropping on water. Other actors entered in a large sampan-like vessel, recreating a journey in rough seas, with the would-be sailors swaying on ropes and ladders amid waters represented by large flags waved by hundreds of dancers.



Taiwan taekwondo event in Asian Games Guangzhou China

§ <Reuters>,  Nov 17, 2010
   Taiwan taekwondo storm casts cloud over Games 
     A political storm threatened to engulf the Asian Games taekwondo tournament on Wednesday when a Taiwanese fighter was disqualified mid-bout for wearing unauthorised electronic sensors in her socks....

§ <BBC>,   11 17 2010
   Taiwan taekwondo athlete in Asian Games sock sensor row
A Taiwanese taekwondo competitor at the Asian Games has been disqualified after extra electronic sensors were found in her socks. ...Additional sensors could make point-scoring easier...

§ <ESPN>, Nov. 18, 2010
    Taiwan rocked by disqualification
...It was announced during a media conference that the Taiwanese had been flagged for using an illegal sensor on the heel of her shoes....

§ <The Associated Press>, Nov.  2010
   Taekwondo disqualification at Asian Games

§ <CNN>,  Nov 17, 2010
   Taiwan fury after athlete's Asian Games disqualification in China     

-- Taiwan's government has threatened legal action after one of its taekwondo athletes was disqualified at the Asian Games in China....

§ <CNN TV>,  Nov 18, 2010
....It's a strange story ... curious... That's the most peculiar indeed..." (voice by reporter)

§ <AFP> , Nov. 18, 2010 
   Taekwondo sock 'cheat' sparks diplomatic tow

§ All TV media in TaiwanNov. 17-18, 2010  
Taiwan fury ...

§ <Apple Daily News>, Taiwan
  ◓  Nov. 18, 2010    Head-page Headline : Really Cheap !! Chinese referee and Korean referee hand in hand to trap and eliminate Taiwanese Yang ;   A2 headline : Taiwan fury, What an int'l joke it is !
  ◓ Nov. 19, 2010   Headline : Korean Secretary in General ( World Teakwood organization), Baloney!

§ <the Liberty Times>,  Taiwan
  Nov. 18, 2010  Headline :  Asian Games Unfair ...  Yang is wrongly treated ...
 Nov. 19, 2010  Headline : Restore the scene, Yang's not cheating ...

§ <the United Daily News>, Taiwan
  ◓ Nov. 18, 2010    Headline :  Asian Games Taekwondo , wrong socks, Yang was judged lost the match
  ◓ Nov. 19, 2010  headline : Photo as evidence, No sensors on Yang's back heel when in match.

§  Press conference by Taiwan's government (GIO), Nov. 19, 2010

      ... misleading photo and irrational statements in Asian teakwood union's official web-site ...   the "fact" they stated is totally different as the fact we saw from TV video (rewind)...

PS: May 2011 ―   Taiwan paid fine to World Teakwood organization, this event is over.



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