Taiwan CovID-19 policy ... 
mistakes led to lots of deaths
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   human lives are not Taiwan's main concerns

According to Bloomberg's Resilience Ranking (Sept, Oct. 2021), Taiwan's 3-month case-fatality rate is world worst.  Johns Hopkins University (2021-7-22): Taiwan has one of the world's highest case-fatality rates.    Bloomberg, 2021-7-26 (bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-25/an-unusually-deadly-outbreak-in-taiwan-was-driven-by-complacency) : The high fatality rate in Taiwan is due to the virus wave hitting older people, with 90% of deaths occurring in those aged 60 or older

However, human lives have never been government's main concern.  The gov. once eliminated senior citizens aged 65-75 from vaccination list from very beginning, later gave
those aged 50~99 and weak people with severe illness 10th ~ 6th low priorities to get vaccinated. 
In Israel, people aged 60 are first priority group to get inoculated, but in Taiwan they are the last (10th) priority, in democratic countries, cancer and severe patients are top priority group, but in Taiwan, they are the 9th, the second to last, group.  By contrast, a large number of officers (gov., military, etc) were offered 2nd priority, the number of officials is still expanding "unlimitedly" without check or supervise (Next TV, 2021-9-1), and lots of black-box privileged people jumped the queue, according to UDN July '21, despite WHO's advises that government leaders and admin. personnel should be narrowly interpreted to "a very small number of individuals" (for vaccination). 

 This is consistent with Taiwan gov.'s style  no virus-test for the public (New York Times, 2021-5-20: "excessively 'frugal' approach") and no medicine Remdesivir for patients, which caused more deaths (udn.com/news/story/7339/5513808?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2  ).




  Taiwan, an immoral country !      aged 70 is behind aged 17
Taiwan is going opposite direction  young people are the ruling party's base (main supporters in election)
pfizer BNT vaccine doses for the high-risk old people were moved to teenagers and youngsters aged 18-22,  lots of AstraZeneca vaccine doses are allocated to aged 23-28.  Taiwan CDC (2021-9-2)  lied the number of old populations not vaccinated are few. ( but Formosa TV, 2021-8-31: a large number of (should be millions) aged 50-65 and ill people are waiting for their first shot.  The vulnerable without any vaccination might become a big loophole again



New York Times, 2021-8-24, warned “the vast majority of people dying from Covid-19 are people who are older and unvaccinated".  "Americans over 60... not vaccinated, are at extreme risk". Nature, Aug., 2020: COVID-19 is extremely dangerous for people in their mid-fifties, sixties and seventies. Associated Press, 2021-7-20 point out:  most young people... typically suffer only mild symptoms of the virus...many public health experts have raised questions about the morality of inoculating low-risk children at a time when many of the most vulnerable people still lack access to vaccines...  HopkinsMedicine.org, Dec. 2, 2020: disease was mostly affecting older adults, and that young people were more likely to have milder cases of the disease.


TAIWAN's vaccine prioritized for aged 12-17, 18-22 etc

media comments
Associated Press, 2021-4-8 seniors are between 1,300 and 8,700 times more likely to die of COVID-19 than those 5-17
Statista, 2021-9-16 In Japan, the number of CovID-19 death under aged 20 is 0
New York times, 2021-9-2 the island (Taiwan) has fully vaccinated just under 4 percent of its population
United Daily, editorial, 2021-9-4

Public health experts criticized this a wrong policy because the older adults and high-risk groups need these vaccine more,  the teenagers and youngsters are less likely to have severe illness  (udn.com/news/story/7338/5721193?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2)    United Daily, editorial, 2021-9-12: priority vaccine status being granted to students obviously is an example of anti-science

China Times, editorial, 2021-9-8 The government ignores high-risk older populations.  Using vaccine to draw votes is "cold-blood", "losing their souls "  chinatimes.com/opinion/20210907005525-262101?chdtv
United Daily, editorial, 2021-9-18 Taiwan's vaccination priority does not follow principle of science, but is based on electoral interest  (接種順序並不照科學防疫原則,而是根據選票考量)



TAIWAN           VS.          USA,   Singapore,  Israel

The US Singapore Israel Taiwan
warns Americans over 60... not vaccinated, are at extreme risk.
New York Times 2021-8-24)

Singapore will give its first Covid-19 vaccine booster shots - to seniors aged 60 and above

Singapore launched a campaign to persuade elderly vaccine holdouts

 In Israel, adults aged 60 are first priority group, but in Taiwan they are the 10th (say last) priority Taiwan CDC  (2021-9-2): Plenty of opportunities were offered for older populations already, now the opportunities will be moved to groups younger. 
But the truth is
millions of older adults kept awaiting their first BNT or Moderna shot from beginning.  One day earlier (9-1) CDC promised "will arrange vaccination for aged 50-65 as soon as possible... new vaccines will come in the next 2 week...".
 Taipei Times, 2021-9-1: people older than 70 had the lowest inoculation rate in the city-state.
NY Times, 2021-8-23: Critics say Taiwanese worry local vaccine which effectiveness and safety have not been proved Lots of local critiques against Taiwan's harboring local vaccine


Taiwan abused power in  CovID-19  CovID-Omicron


Taiwan's 3-month case fatality rate in Bloomberg CovID Resilience Ranking  2021-10-28, 7.7%, remains world worst

Bloomberg CovID Resilience Ranking  2021-9-28

CovID status

Economy (country) 3-month case fatality rate % people covered by vaccine% score
Taiwan 13.4% (worst worldwide) 30 56.5
Saudi Arabia 1.5 60.9 71
India 1.5 31.3 56.2
Malaysia 1.4 64.6 44.1
HK 1.1 56.8 69.8
Australia 0.5 51.8 61.8
S. Korea 0.3 58.7 68.2
Japan 0.3 62 67.3
UAE 0.3 92.3 74.7
Singapore 0.2 80.8 70
New Zealand 0.1 49.9 59.6
mainland China 0 78.4 68.8

full details :   https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-resilience-ranking/

score and rank by indexes: lockdown severity,   flight capacity ,  vaccinated travel routes,  people covered by vaccines