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            Taiwan gov hawkish at home, chicken outdoors

 Taiwanese obedient dogs 



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Taiwanese people (including foreign citizens of Taiwanese/Chinese origin) may take lessons from local and international studies, news reports, black-heart examples as below: 

NY Times, 11-24-2020 says Taiwan's famous politician : “Taiwan can’t face the might of China alone", ”We can’t fight China on our own";  in spite of Economist, NY Times, and pro-Taiwan senator advised Taiwan not to rely on the US military to intervene ...; aljazeera, 11-24-2020 notes again:  the Pentagon has called Taiwan’s military spending “insufficient”, ... one of many concerns,  include how willing it may be to reform internally and also raise the number and quality of recruits ;  Economist,10-9-2020: Taiwan’s preparedness and its will to fight both look shaky.  NewsWeek, 10-28-2020: As China Threatens War, Nearly Everyone in Taiwan Wants Peace: Poll.   Taiwan's TV program about politics comments at 2021-5-1: Any political party advocating full conscription will loss election /  寰宇全視界.

★  Are all Taiwanese obedient citizens "台灣只有順民?"   The Liberty Times, 1-4-2016

Taipei city mayor Ko expressed Taiwanese have always been bullied and toyed, hence lost confidence and passion, Ko concluded that Taiwan only has obedient, docile citizens who surrendered to their "lord", because according to medical gene experiments, docile dogs mating give birth to docile dogs, those some of Taiwanese revolted, resisted or rebelled were all killed by their rulers, the rest of Taiwanese are docile citizens, their children or descendants are even more docile.

Comment: According to Psychology,  acquired environment is also important to shape personality.  Good education and environment transform the evil element in people’s intrinsic nature and develop acquired nature of goodness.  People who live in a bad environment tend to do bad things.  In Taiwan, lousy judiciary and distorted value system could change personality, e.g., prefer prostitutes rather than the poor.

see Taiwanese personality in SARS
< Disease and society ― Taiwan
searches its conscience from experiences during SARS crisis>  (book title : <疫病與社會:台灣歷經SARS風暴之醫學與人文反省 >, author/ 蔡甫昌、江宜樺等 Publisher/ National Taiwan University, Medical School,  Sept. 2012 )

      We to certain degree may see Taiwanese personality through citizens' (governmental officials, legislators, medical field workers, countrymen, etc) reacting to SARS during that fatal period ...  (Pls ref. to the book and media during SARS , ps: SARS is severe acute respiratory syndrome) 

        Taiwanese people scared the fatal disease (SARS) and scrambled to  buy masks, however, business men took this opportunity to keep masks on warehouse and bull the market (forcing up price) for making exorbitant high profits, uncertain news pointed out some legislators (similar to Congressmen or Senators in the US) intervened/meddled in and tried to benefit themselves by using this national disaster or calamity ... all these led to insufficient supply of N95 masks, hence medical personnel and public health workers like M.D. and nurses in the front can not help but reuse their N95 masks ―  their lives therefore were in risk. (each N95 should be used for a short time, then needs to be replaced )
Suspicious SARS infected people intentionally lied their past medical history (seeking medical advices in epidemic-area hospital) so that they will not be rejected by better hospitals, this led to an outbreak and SARS spreading, and endangering or harming medical workers.
Taiwanese people don't abide by the principle of house quarantine ― some scholar just came back from Hong Kong suppose comply with house quarantine for 10 days, but this person went to school to teach lessons and then went overseas.
Mayor took the lead to sabotage SARS patients' transfering to other hospital  ―  3 suspicious SARS patients were arranged by the Health government for hospital transfer,  but the destination's city Mayor, Chair of city council, councilors and many borough chiefs, gathering crowds blocked the street at front of the emergency room by vehicles and their bodies, and forced the ambulance back to original hospital,  this conflict won't be stop if this country's Minister of the Interior and 3 major political parties' representatives had not mediated this conflict and Taiwan's leader on Health did not promised SARS won't spread in that city.
Many medical school students' parents scared SARS and ignored the situation that insufficient numbers of doctors confronting SARS,  hence, those parents pressed the government to pull 300 intern students out of hospital by reporting "something" to the Control Yuan that Educational government already neglected its duty.
Some state hospital paused emergency and regular medical services (門診), about 1/3 clinics there stopped their services by all kinds of "reasons" you can imagine.  124 nurses in a medical center in Southern Taiwan refused to take care of SARS patients and then resigned, some M.D.s also resigned for the same reason.
Some medical center found hospital infection and  took "block & isolate " strategy, the next day more and more patients at ward escaped from that hospital, Taiwanese government received reports from all major medical centers in Northern, Central, Southern Taiwan, the hospital president,  and Infection Control directors concealed SARS outbreak within the hospital to avoid losing face, avoid dropping profit-performance, and/or avoid being sealed off the hospital,  this serious situations became major cause that Taiwan's SARS continued to spread larger and larger.     
The work ethics, concealing SARS outbreak, delaying reporting to center government or rejecting SARS patients to avoid profiting worse are the most important reasons resulting in hospital onset of infection and spreading SARS from bad to worse in Taiwan. 


        ps:  Chicago Tribune 7.6.2003:  Taiwan, the last country on a WHO list of SARS-infected areas was removed from that list Sat.    UDN, Jan. 2020: Taiwanese medical staffs (M.D., nurse) suffered the most number of deaths and wounds caused by SARS among all countries.
        ps1: Chinese version pls. ref. to the book or text at end of this page.
        ps2: This book's co-author Dr. Jian (
江宜樺) was "prime minister" of Taiwanese government (行政院長).



★  see Taiwanese personality in CovID-19 flare-up

Chaos ?
or immoral order !


●  World famous media points out a relaxation of quarantine rules is loophole to flare-up.   For example,  New York Times, 2021-5-25: the emergence of more contagious variants in recent months, a relaxation of quarantine rules and a vaccine shortage gave the virus an opening...  nytimes.com/2021/05/25/arts/music/taiwan-covid-shutdown-music.html , Quartz, 2021-6-12:  a cluster of infections broke out of a hotel housing quarantined pilots and started spreading throughout Taiwan’s largest cities.  But Taiwan's government still passed the buck on WanHua tea houses, according to United Daily, 2021-6-12  https://udn.com/news/story/122173/5527854?from=udn-catelistnews_ch2

   The order of vaccination Taiwan's government set has some gray zone, which results in politicians (VIPs including county mayor, tycoon on fields of media, industries, business, ranking officials, celebrity, etc) and staffs of all political parties were on the privilege black-list, which triggered public angers, and an open fight among political parties is ongoing.  Taiwan became a "The weak are the prey of the strong" jungle.   By contrast, French president Macron had not had vaccine, according to Reuters, Feb. 2021 reuters.com/article/us-eu-summit-macron/macron-says-he-would-take-astrazeneca-vaccine-if-it-was-offered-idUSKBN2AP2TM    Taipei University professor advices that only severely punishments, not moral suasion may stop the chaos of abusing power to get vaccination, based on Apple Daily, 2021-6-11, tw.appledaily.com/politics/20210611/MNWFF7NUXZFJRJXJPLNEYUHKDM/   and Liberty Times, 2021-6-11, talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1453969   China Times, editorial, 2021-6-12 chinatimes.com/opinion/20210611006023-262101?chdtv    United Daily 2021-6-11 udn.com/news/story/7339/5527272?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

Some employee suspected to be infected must follow employer's order not to do test or keep working.  for example, CTV 2021-6-12 7:34am reports a major TV station ordered its employee to work under table after rapid test before PCR test, more than one employee then were found positive. The employer was slammed as "others' lives are not his concern (草菅人命)" .
United Daily, editorial, Jun. 2021:Taiwanese patients in serious situation waiting for one week but failed to get Remdesivir, a specific remedy for cure coronavirus, in spite of that CDC declaring adequate Remdesivir medication for patients.   In short, the stock is always enough because severe patients can't get it in time.  (udn.com/news/story/7339/5513808?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2  ). 

CTV news, 2021-6-9: In 2020, only one hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, can use Remdesivir, in earlier this year, all hospitals need CDC's approval (was rejected quite often) and usually take 8 ~ 12 hours to run procedure before patients can have it, sometimes it's too late.
 Taiwan national insurance system, cares money more than feller nationals'  lives.

New York Post  4-25-2020 : Taiwan deals with CovID-19 with "a lot more authoritarian.", "almost everyone is tracked.".  Taiwanese govt. responded at 4-28-2020 that Taiwanese would like to cooperate with our policy.  But the truth is Taiwan's "Big Brother" already sneaked into numerous families in the name of  Epidemic Prevention, by an injunction violating Tort Law and domineering over Constitution (凌駕憲法的侵權禁令) , without having noticed all nationals, in accordance with United Daily, editorial at 5-7-2020.    United Daily 7-16-2020: To keep good record,  Taiwan takes 'ostrich' strategy (avoid mass testing).

GT, 2021-5-23: Taiwan public criticize (Taiwanese government) DPP authorities for suspected concealment of COVID-19 data   globaltimes.cn/page/202105/1224250.shtml
CTV TV news, 2021-6-9: privilege people get vaccination.  United Daily, editorial, 2021-6-11: officials skip the queue to get vaccination. 
 Next TV, 2021-6-11: Air-force hospital vaccinated privilege people.CTV news (中視), 2021-6-9 : Lawmaker slammed abusing power to vaccination, just like Taiwan's lousy judiciary ("有錢判生 沒錢死"  ―  "有錢免排  沒錢等埋" )   FTV news, 2021-6-9 (8:00pm ~) criticizes Taipei government for vaccinating privilege.
CTS, 2021-6-12: National Taiwan University Hospital (Taiwan's No.1 hospital) system was involved.  Democratic representative blasters Taipei mayor treats vaccines as a favor to those on same league. 

Global Times 2021-6-4, etc :  "Taiwan authorities have no intention or power to fight the epidemic at all."  "Taiwan's COVID-19 fight has been a mess and the Taiwan authorities can only play tricks to make up for their mistakes"  globaltimes.cn/page/202106/1225426.shtml

United Daily, 2021-6-3, editorial:  How ugly Taiwanese government shift the blames again and again -  Taiwan relaxed quarantine rule leading to a big corona virus loop hole and death rate above global average, but now blames the China Airline's internal control, and disappears the quarantine rule meeting record.   In addition, they shifted blames about Taiwanese diplomat's suicide event  in Japan, imported poison pork, train crashed incident, and so on...   (從駐大阪辦事處長自殺、萊豬進口、太魯閣號等一連串事件,人們看到執政當局對錯誤政策皆推託了事 ,政府已因循成風 udn.com/news/story/7338/5504882?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2  )
CDC , 2021-6-8:  90+% deaths are aged 60+ elders.   News, 2021-6-5 : about 70% sever patients are aged 60+.   But CDC puts Taiwanese elders quite behind the waiting queue, at present, they are in 6th and 11th priority,
nlike some major western countries giving elders priority to get vaccination. 
The China Times, editorial, 2021-5-18: With an eye to keeping the success story intact, Taiwanese government ignored experts' advices for mass tests, and would rather propaganda good records in epidemic prevention  ( Chinese: 最令人憤怒的是,從去年至今,專家不斷呼籲要增加篩檢才能掌控病毒動態,但蔡政府寧願抱著防疫佳績進行大內宣,生怕多篩多出包 ...如果我們之前對高風險人員定期篩檢,進行廣篩及入境普篩,眼前的危機可能根本不會發生。   chinatimes.com/opinion/20210517004162-262101?chdtv   ) 
Taiwan's government only got a little vaccine doses, but deliberately to place obstacles (certificate of authorization is needed) for civil organisations, such as Foxconn founder Gou, some Buddhist groups, etc  to purchase Western vaccines which will be donated to fellow citizens.  According to the law (《藥事法》和《特定藥物專案核准製造及輸入辦法》) , in case of emergency, certificate of authorization is not required.  United Daily, editorial, 2021-6-4 criticizes Taiwan's gov. creating difficulties for Foxconn is to save its political face, the officials ignoring more and more deaths,  could entitles 'state enemy'.  udn.com/news/story/7338/5507706?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2   UDN, editorial 2021-6-11 and China Times, editorial, 2021-6-11 
udn.com/news/story/7338/5524888?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2   If so, those officials and politicians are suspected to commit murder.

China Times, editorial, 2021-5-17:  The government is still trying to hide the location of some infected cases ( 中央流行疫情指揮中心還在隱瞞個案位置,不再公布足跡, 現在因應得一團亂,完全沒有章法,還企圖粉飾太平)  chinatimes.com/opinion/20210517004162-262101?chdtv    United Daily News, editorial, 2021-5-16: The more critical situation is, the more vague and brief information the gov. publicizes ( 疫情愈是戰雲密布,指揮中心發布的訊息反而變得愈發簡略而含糊,哪些人因何確診、足跡為何,全都避而不談)  udn.com/news/story/7338/5462692  
   Former medical chief Chiou Shu-ti (邱淑媞) criticizes so called level 3 alert of a four-tier system is a fake name, youngsters and middle-age people still need to take transportation tools to work and then risks their health , according to Apple Daily, 2021-6-11.
Taiwan needs nurses.  But several hundreds nurses run away from their front-line position.

China Times, 3-18-2021, editorial: Taiwan's vaccine diplomacy is sad -  expert analysis, Taiwan is planning to donate about NT$ 2 hundred million to Paraguay
( last holdout in South America) to get COVID vaccines, therefore,
the covering in Paraguay will be 28.6%, in contrast, that in Taiwan is only 0.5%.

  Guardian (UK), 10-31-2020: Now, Taipei's people browse, busk and greet each other with handshakes and hugs. It feels normal.  However, Taiwan has already "exported" dozens COVID-19 infected cases to a number of foreign countries, not sure yet who should be responsible for this, according to United Daily, editorial, 10-31-2020. https://udn.com/news/story/7338/4977422?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2 and United Daily, editorial, 12-24-2020 : Taiwan's longest Covid-free streak was a myth and was questioned.



 Taiwan Foreign Minister often broascasts S.O.S. on world media, such as Fox-news, Newsweek,12-1-2020, and Australia ABC, 12-1-2020: Taiwan foreign minister calls on Australia to help defend against China...
News Australia, 11-7-2020: expert says Taiwan will need to bring back the draft in order to put up a fight.  However, Taiwan ignores western advices and plans to mobilize only about 1/10 reservists.   Reuters 12-10-2020 slams Taiwan : "It is almost as if fighting to defend the country is somebody else’s responsibility” .

Taiwan wants independence, but “Taiwan has become completely dependent on the US” (NY Times, 9-18-2020).   New York Times, 11-24-2020 notes Taiwan's famous politician : “Taiwan can’t face the might of China alone", ”We can’t fight China on our own";  in spite of Economist (8-30-2020), NY Times (8-30-2020), and pro-Taiwan senator advised Taiwan should raise military capability and not to rely on the US military to win the war (ref. to Hudson, 9-18-2020) ...  Taiwan was reluctant to raise the military budget and not willing to reform military system.  Aljazeera, 11-24-2020 :  the Pentagon has called Taiwan’s military spending “insufficient” (the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute: Taiwan's budget  $15.2bn., but Korea $43.9bn and Japan $47.6bn ), ... one of many concerns,  include how willing it may be to reform internally and also raise the number and quality of recruits ;  Economist,10-9-2020: Taiwan’s preparedness and its will to fight both look shaky.   NewsWeek, 10-28-2020: As China Threatens War, Nearly Everyone in Taiwan Wants Peace: Poll.   Diplomat,  12-3-2020, Duke U. TNSS survey: only 11% want to join the military once China strikes Taiwan.

Taiwan gov. is chicken abroad, but, hawkish at home - persecuting and mistreating its own nationals (People's Daily, 10-15-2020: Taiwan strictly monitors Taiwanese by so-called "Green Terror")

BBC, 2-10-2021, "Why Taiwan has 'luck-improvement services' ": There’s a pervasive idea running through Chinese culture that things aren’t random, Stevan Harrell, emeritus anthropology professor at the University of Washington said, “There’s a belief in order: there’s some sort of order behind everything.” Many people believed in a simple maxim: “tian zhuding” (“heaven decides”).  Some higher power has plans for each person on Earth, traditional Chinese belief also holds that “heaven never seals off all the exits” – there is always a way out.  “We call [this attitude of openness] ‘youbai youbaoyou’,” (有拜有保庇)“, It doesn’t matter if you believe in gods. If you pray, you’ll be blessed.” So, even the upscale Eslite Bookstore has a cosmological self-help section chock full of do-it-yourself fate-improvement guides.  People in the Chinese-speaking world seem particularly preoccupied with luck, from boarding gates to high-stakes baccarat tables and school exams to political races, (Even politicians are compelled to publicly try their luck, visiting temples to draw fortune sticks ...) .   brief http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20210210-chinas-enduring-obsession-with-luck  

 BBC, 2021-4-14, Crisps have a sacred role in Taiwan's office culture.  ‘Kuai Kuai’,  this savoury product  end up assuming near-mythical protective properties... on or around vital machines in many of the island’s laboratories, banks and even hospitals to ensure the machines continue to do their jobs.   the crisps, whose name means ‘listen to me’ or ‘obey’, ‘behave’ or ‘be good’ in both Mandarin and Taiwanese...The bags also cannot be used as amulets beyond their expiration date, so...usually swapped twice a year –  Lunar New Year, and the Ghost Festival . Those in the tech world say the snack shouldn’t be consumed, otherwise you technically void its protective warranty.  Kuai Kuai can even be found at Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s premier research institute. bbc.com/worklife/article/20210414-the-good-luck-snack-that-makes-taiwans-technology-behave

 Reuters, 2021-4-16,  Global Times, 2020-10-22 

Taiwan is quite a character ?
reuters.com/world/china/biden-suga-poised-present-united-front-taiwan-china-steps-up-pressure-2021-04-16/ globaltimes.cn/content/1204399.shtml
Presenting a united front will require a delicate balancing act given the frosty relations between Seoul and Tokyo.      Relations between Tokyo and Seoul have frayed over issues connected to Japan's 1910-45 colonization of Korea, including that of Korean women forced to work in Japanese wartime brothels  The DPP authority has revised Taiwan's textbooks in recent years. Japanese colonial rule was portrayed as a "glorious vision of civilization," with no mention of war crimes, such as the recruitment of "enslaved women" and soldiers on the island,

The Liberty Times, 11-28-2019, front-page news
National Taiwan Normal University study found that Taiwan ranks No. 15 in sense of humour among 22 countries, No.1 is Italia.

CNN 6-17-2019: mass protests (in Hong Kong) emboldened anti-China elements in Taiwan.   FTV ("Fomosa TV, 民視, 政經看民視") of Taiwan commented at 3-8-2018 that Taiwanese people even don't dare to push back Facebook, so as to avoid any "consequences".   FTV at 4-16-2017 ("台灣演義" details ): most of Taiwan's best MDs of NTUH got cold feet to join an anti-judiciary protest, in order to avoid any repercussions.......  From comments above, we might get a conclusion - Taiwanese people are tip toeing little ones or sort of chickens for suffering long time political repressions...


Apple Daily, editorial opinion, 10-22-2019, <台灣日益猖獗的反智現象>:

      Anti-intellectualism is rampant in Taiwan, irrational, anti-logical, anti-science ...and from bad to worse United Daily, 1-12-2020, editorial opinion: A Taiwanese M.D. gave drugs causing drowsiness to whoever (patient) supports different political party's presidential election candidate.   During presidential election campaign, some citizen supporting different political party intended to use NTUH rest-room but was driven out by NTU medical college student.

  Taiwan's image ―  chicken outwardly,  hawkish at home !
Taiwan Coast Guard vessel did little (spraying weak water like a piss) to protect Taiwanese fishing boats (came for protecting Diaoyu Islands) from Japan Coast Guard ship's attacks by firing strong, long-distanced water cannon in Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku Islands) event. 
         In contrast, Taiwan fired strong water cannon against weak students and civilians in Sun Flower event at 3-24-2014.



weak TW




pic. left: A large Japan Patrol ship was firing water cannon to Taiwanese fishing boat (left) and Taiwan Coast Guard vessel (middle). news photo in Apple Daily, 1-25-2013   pic. right: Taiwan police fired strong water cannon against weak students and civilians in Sun-Flower movement led by college students...  news photo in Liberty Times, 3-28-'14 (by 王藝菘)

This websites group was ranked No.1 by
 "Taiwanese personality" on US Google, 9-14-2018
 (Chn. version)


  Bradley University survey WebMD report : " Who's No. 1 in Self-Esteem?"   

         A new international self-esteem survey (Sept. 27, 2005) puts  Japan at the bottom, and the U.S.(score 32.21 ) in sixth place, Taiwan (score 28.77 ) almost is in the last place. The results are due to appear in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

      Self-esteem scores were based on anonymous surveys given to nearly 17,000 people in 53 nations. The survey was translated into 28 languages.

     The 10 lowest-ranked nations are:   South Korea, Switzerland, Morocco,  Slovakia,  Fiji,  Taiwan,  Czech Republic,  Bangladesh,  Hong Kong, Japan.


  University of Chicago, National Opinion Research Center,   "national honor" survey,  June 29, 2006

         A "sense of national honor" survey in 34 countries pointed out that Taiwanese overall ranking of the specific investigation is very behind (29 out of the world's 34 countries)

  "The exploration and analysis of Taiwanese personality" , National Normal University in ChangHwa on Taiwan, by Hsu C.J. &  professor advisor ZHANG, DE-RONG, 1992

       Conclusion ( in brief ) : Taiwanese personality most likely is utilitarian and traditional.
       ps: Baidu (China) : utilitarian
― snobby man, other definitions : believe utility value, useful function, etc

  "Look into Taiwan's national character" article in <the Liberty Times>
             (one of best-selling newspaper), 曹純

          Taiwanese personality had already seriously been distorted after having experienced 50 years' coercion and enslavement education by KMT (largest political party in Taiwan).
          1. Taiwanese have no back-bones and no longer prefer death (by pro. killing) to humiliation, Taiwanese would rather being raped or being brainwashed for small benefits.
          2.  Taiwanese don't make clear distinction between right and wrong,
          3.  Lacking of self-confidence,
          4.  Sense of Inferiority,           5.  Weak,
          6. Good part of Taiwanese character includes simple , moderate, compliant (
土直 、謙抑) etc.   http://talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/47359 Dec 10, 2005



Taiwanese personality

 Ranking No.1 on Google by "Taiwanese national character" in Chinese at July 20, 2015


"Look through Taiwan's national character/personality", <Liberty Times>, 12.10.'05



 Headline in head-page of <the United Daily News>, Sept. 3, 2009
        " Scholars' view : Taiwan's society   ―   Too irrational and too emotional ! "   



Ranking No.1 on Google
by "Taiwanese personality"  at 1-11-2015

    "Taiwanese community/society     Too irrational and too moody ! ", <United daily News> 9.3.2009


         ◎   Nov. 19, 2010 (A3) :  Although our media in front-line still have been investigating (Yang's disqualification in
                                                   Asian Games) and trying to find out the truth,
Taiwanese people in the rear already
                                                   flew into a fury for their national emotion ... 

 May 15, 2010 :  Editorial in Chinese, theme:   : 全民公審了一名跆拳裁判之後
translation : "After Taiwanese people gave a cultural-revolution style public trial on a referee ")            
 §  Concerning public issues, Taiwanese people are too subjective and moody ...
 § Taiwanese Taekwondo association's penalty to Mr. ChengDa-wei is a political judgment for reasons :
                      (1) Taiwanese people's angers ( lost gold medal, etc )
                      (2) Athletics units are afraid of high-ranking official
                      (3)  Cheng Da-wei is "alone" in Taiwan
―  no connections
◎   May 15, 2010 :  Editorial in English ―  "Punishing a Taekwondo referee" 
§  ...  This incident reflects growing populism in Taiwan and gives us a chance for self-reflection.
                    In recent years, discussions about public issues in Taiwan are usually dominated by emotional
                    and subjective rhetoric due to a fundamental political divergence.
                §  ... We wonder if, in a civilized society, it is tolerable to use the verdict of public critics to
                    punish a Taekwondo coach?
                § ... We strongly believe that now is the time for local society to conduct a deep examination
                    of its conceit and shallow culture. 
ref.  http://blog.ilc.edu.tw/blog/blog/572/post/9591/72288


  "Why are Taiwanese weak-kneed ?"  (Chinese title: 台灣人怎麼這麼沒種) ,
                <the Liberty Times>, Taiwan, Jan. 31, 2012 , "Political News edition".

The saying "Taiwanese have no spines/backbones"  has been talked about everywhere, e.g., before the presidential election, most Taiwanese understood the big gap between the rich and the poor in Taiwan is currently the most urgent problem to be solved, but, when voting moment came, Taiwanese did threw justice away, and only took" intimidation/ treat" card into consideration. (「恫嚇牌」)

...... a bunch of Taiwanese, as the words by which Japanese (name 後藤新平) humiliated Taiwanese, are "Money is everything/eager for money " and "not willing to run big risk for righteousness/justice, etc" (「怕死、愛錢」)...

Perhaps, Taiwan's national character from 400 years ago on, is exactly "dance with" whoever came to be their "boss", only minority did resist ...... Is this sort of slavishness/servility culture Taiwanese culture??...  http://iservice.ltn.com.tw/2012/specials/election/cont.php?nt=2&pt=96&type=a&no=557004


  New York Times, 5-18-'17: we seem to expect American sons and daughters to risk their lives to protect our home ...
Duke university, NCCU Taiwan,  Missouri State University
Taiwan Public Opinion and National Security,  Dennis V. Hickey, Missouri State University  https://www.chinausfocus.com/society-culture/taiwan-public-opinion-and-national-security-implications-for-washington-and-taipei
       According to a more reliable poll available, The Taiwan National Security Survey (TNSS), which is conducted by Taiwan’s National Chengchi University, under the auspices of the Program in Asian Security Studies at Duke University,  36.9% plan to “wait and see, 16% percent plan to leave the country, 2.2 % will hide away and 1.8% will “choose to surrender. On the other hand, 6.2% will support the government’s decision, 4.9% will join the army to fight against the invasion, and 4.1% will resist the invasion. The good news is that only 0.1% will commit suicide. But the bad news is that a solid majority plans to “wait and see,” “leave the country,” “hide” or “choose to surrender.”




pic.: survey in 2018, 64% Taiwanese chose surrender, run away, wait & see

(CTN editorial, april 20,2018; Taiwan National Security studies survey 2017ettoday, 4-9-2019, https://www.ettoday.net/news/20190409/1418789.htm)


pic. survey '19



"Taiwan's national character", <the Liberty Times>, Nov. 17, 2013

brief: National character is the soul of a nation, Taiwan's soul is collapsing(加速崩解中), which is largest risk of Taiwan.... Taiwan's leaders in politics and business are liars and don't like to take any responsibility (e.g., in cooking oil scandal),  their character is so low and lousy... ( http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2013/new/nov/17/today-p14.htm?Slots=BP)

<Study on Taiwanese character ─ By historical comparative approach>,  by Liao, Li Wei ,  2008

 Taiwanese people is utilitarian, superstitious, and likes fighting (struggle or conflict) by nature

 Taiwanese is down-to-earth (practical,  pragmatic, realistic), seeking instant benefits/success, willing to strive for better future. ... 

◎  Vulgar & collages

◎  New things best but won't last long

 Blindly obedient (conformity)

◎  Identity (value) disorder 

◎  Collective personality includes lacking self-confidence, uneasy, unstable and sad mood...

 Taiwan's social value  ―   news report concerning Taiwanese teen (under age) prostitutes

◎ <the China Times > Oct. 30, 2010 :  Taiwanese laugh at the poor, instead of prostitutes ...  that's Taiwan's social value.

◎ <Liberty Times > Oct. 30, 2010 :  The social value gives kids wrong concept, ...  education should let kids know ....  Money is not everything.

◎ <Apple Daily News > Oct. 30, 2010 :   Taiwanese teenagers' moral value weakened ....  we should rebuild our social value system.

  <CNA>, April 29, 2012

(楊志良) Dr. C. L. Yang's latest book「台灣大崩壞」mentions Taiwanese people are short-sighted for money, for money's sake Taiwan's populist legislators ( status similar to Congressman ) influence gov. lacking of fairness and justice......


<Radio Taiwan International >,  Dec. 3, 2008

Taiwan's president Ma hopes mainland Chinese understand Taiwan's society through <Cape No.7>, Taiwan's all-time grossing film.

<Foreign Policy>,     1.29.2015     http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/01/29/taipeis-fiery-new-mayor-knows-whose-culture-is-best/

"Taipei’s Fiery New Mayor Knows Whose Culture Is Best"  -   Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je's opinion:

On Asian history and colonization:
For the [world’s] four Chinese-speaking regions — Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Mainland China — the longer the colonization, the more advanced a place is. It’s rather embarrassing. Singapore is better than Hong Kong; Hong Kong is better than Taiwan; Taiwan is better than the mainland. I’m speaking in terms of culture.


The book <The Ugly Side of Taiwanese>  ( author : G. Lee 李喬, published in 1988 & 1993, ... USA : 714-8631618)

   1.  Taiwanese people were conscious of being an orphan since China had abandoned this island after having lost a battle to Japan at 1894. 

          The Taiwanese prefer to be an orphan, and prefer to be under control  (being  indifferent to justice), and have no conscience to distinguish rightness from wrong.  

                 Taiwanese feel inferior, lowly, humble .... with guilty conscience ( They used to swallow insults and admit their 'guilt'... ) , are willing to be in inferior ranking status
                  Too many Taiwanese traitors betrayed and sold their own country people/folks
                  - or even frame and bring a false charge against innocent Taiwanese for their own benefits and better tomorrow.

     2.  In bribery Taiwanese believe.    The Taiwanese believe "money talks", and treat religion as trading or bribery, nothing to do with soul, spirits.

     3.  Taiwanese people are somebody indoors , nobody outdoors.  

     4.  Selfish,  Indifferent to public issues. 

     5.  Learnt no lessons from Taiwan's history

     6.  Taiwanese life style, career, and cultures are far from delicacy, creativity, and class
           ( Japan can, but Taiwan can't ! ).

     7.  Selfish (be worldly wise and play safe, not run risk for righteousness ), cruel or
          cold-bloodedly to other people's misfortune ( inhumanity/ not kindheartedness)...

     8.  Lousy work ethics (business morals) - to sacrifice others' health or even life.


pic. right:  No.1 Ranking on Google by "Taiwanese personality" in Chinese, July 20, 2015

Brief in Chinese

   The book < 台灣人的醜陋面 >  ( author : G. Lee  李喬, published in 1988 & 1993, etc)

          ( details ref publisher in USA : 714-8631618 )    

     1.   自甘做長不大的孤兒;  自卑感、罪惡感、認命、 曾為利害出賣(甚至設陷)同鄉

     2.    欠缺宗教情操,信奉「賄賂一貫教」,視宗教為交換

     3.  台灣人太多「雞棲王」

     4.   現在台灣人的諸多冷漠、不明敵我

     5.  台灣人跋涉過劫難的歷史,卻不能領悟多少「生存的智慧」... 無腦漿悲劇布偶任人擺佈,「滿街滿野」。 

     6.  台灣人因陋就簡生活風格不若日本精緻

     7.  殘酷自私,對他人不幸冷漠,不具現代人德性:

     8.  行業道德淪喪,欠缺可大可久的胸襟眼光

  ◎  Above is a brief, to avoid translation problem, pls. purchase the book  
       or refer to 


  Decoding new generation's nature ...  <the China Times>6.11.2014  (解讀Z世代  網路養大  務實不受拘束)

        brief:  Youngsters participating in so-called Sun-flower Movement (2014) are "Z generation" (or "N generation"), they're cultured/cultivated/educated by internet world and have unconstrained/unregulated and practical/realistic/utilitarian nature.

"Taiwanese yield to reality" , <the China Times>, Nov. 15, 2013

 Taiwan's position to national identity is vacillating,  Wu Dong Ye (NCCU scholar): Taiwanese mentality condescend (yield to) reality. (泛中國人的比例從64%提升至67%,58%受訪者對國族認同立場反反覆覆表示諒解,說明台灣人屈就現實的心態。 )

"Chinese Wolf ", <Business Today 今周刊>, Sept. 5, 2013    http://www.businesstoday.com.tw/article-content-80396-102030

     According to a survey conducted by <Business Today>, Chinese career/working style (personality) just like the wolf (1. sharp sense to attack when opportunity comes, 2. very aggressive and sort "greedy" - get it as much as possible, don't let it go once hold it,  3. team-work to achieve the goal ), Taiwanese likes the sheep (mild, nice, attentive, yield, "溫良恭儉讓"). details pls. refer to the link above.

"100 big events in Taiwan's history" , book author: Lee S.F.  (ISBN 9578246250, 1999)

    "228" political event resulted in :

     ◎  Taiwanese personality had been seriously distorted.
◎  Taiwanese (under long-time colonial governance) were even more inferior than before, they tried every efforts to obey the rulers for self-preservation.
◎  Taiwanese feared, despaired and felt disappointed at politics.

  <Apple Daily News> Editorial , 11.11.2010

     Probably more than 1/3 of Taiwanese elites (high education and young & middle-aged people) prefer immigration,  only 13% of Japanese like to do so. (Gallop USA)   It's pretty sad for a country.

<the United Daily News>, June 5, 2014  (Living edition A6)
        1/3 Taiwanese feel unhappy according to a local survey. (MD suggests having Vitamin C, fruits/vegetables to help emotional stability)

< Reader's Digest > , July 25, 2007

A "honesty test" in last year  :  the test left behind 30 mid-priced mobile phones in 35 cities, and watched & called the phone number whenever someone picked up the phone, to see whether or not that person answered the phone-call and then return the mobile phone, or will pressed The default number to contact the owner. 

Generally speaking, Chinese society was not too honest in that test, Taipei and Singapore, both ranked 25th.  Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur ranked the last - 35th.

According to latest Reader's Digest test reported in Hong Kong that in a test conducted in 32 cities, Taipei (16 out of 30 people will return the phone) ranked 27th.       ( reported in Hong Kong & by Apple Daily News Taiwan )

  <Apple Daily News> Editorial , May 26, 2010

"China's characteristics in Taiwan's characteristics" : ...Taiwan's characteristics include China's characteristics  ―   which is short of enough modernization , that's a problem...

  <Apple Daily News> news report & Editorial , Oct. 6, 2011

 According to a survey by <Cheers>:  The purpose Taiwanese career people born from 1981 till 1990 work for is "life style" , which is different from "making a living" that most Taiwanese were,  besides, more than 64% define "success" as "leading a happy life", 38% as "owning money/richness" , more than 38% are not willing to compromise "life style" with "hard working "......

<Apple Daily news>, middle April, 2013
Taiwanese people are the ninth most honest hotel guests in the world, according to an industry survey (Among 28 countries and the region of Hong Kong ) by Hotels.com released in 2013, Denmark topped the list, followed by the Netherlands and Norway, China and USA are the 6th from the last in the survey.

<Washington Post> 2013/5/15
According to the World Values Survey: A fascinating map of the world's most and least racially tolerant countries,
The percentage of that Taiwanese do not want a neighbor of a different race is between 5% and 9.9%.  Taiwan obtains quite high score. ( an astonishingly high 71.8 percent of Hong Kongers )

Taiwan's hope
Taiwan still has very top personality person, e.g., professor Ja-Liang Lin (director of Clinical Toxicology,
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital & medical University ) .  According to media reports, Dr. Lin does not accept any money and invitation for commercials/advertsiements, and an award (scholar prize) NT20,000,000 (about USD600,000), he by himself against officials in power (Taiwanese government) and super power's policy, etc.

<United Daily News>, head page & headline, Aug. 28, 2014

United Daily News survey center :
In Taiwanese "mature generation's" eye, "young generation" is creative (創新57.9%), but insatiable / greedy(73.9%)、irresponsible(68.5%)、lazy (懶散52.2%)、exclusiveness(排他58.5%).
 In "young generation's" eye, "mature generation" is
responsible(73.3%)、working hard (78%)、Content(知足61.1%)、tolerant/inclusive(包容51.6%), but too traditional(傳統69.2%).

Taiwan's personality

    July 22, 2007 :  One of Taiwan's political leaders ( the D.P.P. political party ) in D.C., USA described Taiwan as a dance hostess who gave service to ( shook body with ) whoever visiting guests came along...  ( reported by major media in Taiwan and red China - i.e., People.com )

    Oct. 19, 2004 :  The KMT ( also namely, the Chinese Nationalist Party, Kuomintang, or pan Blue ), Taiwan's one among 2 biggest political parties, mocked the DPP (pan Green), another major party, "suck Uncle Sam's dick", the DPP mocked the KMT "suck China's dick"...
     ( "suck one's dick" is sort of direct translation, which can be interpreted as "kiss one's ass" or adulation, etc )

   ◎ April, 2017: Taiwan is notorious for a major drug transit center & a major drug exporting country, and  for its fraud crimes all over the world, Taiwan largely sees these telecom frauds/phone scammers as an asset rather than liability ......


   HOT !       Taiwan travel        Taiwan food       Taiwan hard power       Taiwan soft power       Taiwan democracy      Intro to Taiwan        bully        persecution

   What a shame of Taiwan  !   in all the past years, int'l fraud ( quora: Taiwan largely sees these as an asset rather than liability...) , illegal drug base ( CTN: Taiwan is producing and selling center of Asia ), women & children trafficking ,  abusing migrant workers ( USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices ), pirate ( GreenPeace: Taiwan gov. knows this issue but does little, TW most likely just won't change till Europe gave a yellow-card ) , bad judiciary, a paradise for illegal migrants ... all low-down dirty plays  !  What a brand personality !!

Taiwanese image a farmer ?   (McDonald's ads.)

  Taiwanese image ? a farmer



ps1:  <疫病與社會:台灣歷經SARS風暴之醫學與人文反省>

SARS 期間,國人(官員,議員, 醫界,民眾)的反應,某種程度透露出台灣人的人格/性格/個性。
         請refer to書籍  <
疫病與社會:台灣歷經SARS風暴之醫學與人文反省> (作者:蔡甫昌、江宜樺等,  出版社:國立臺灣大學醫學院,  出版 :Sept. 2012)  與SARS期間報紙。

        民眾驚恐搶購口罩、商人趁機囤積口罩、哄抬價格牟取暴利,並傳有立委介入大發國難財 ,造成醫療用N95口罩供應不足,第一線醫護人員必須重複使用之,安全受威脅。
  不遵守居家隔離  ― 某研究員自香港返回台灣,按照規定必須居家隔離十天,但該研究員沒有自我隔離,還到學校教書、隨後並出國。
        市長帶頭阻撓病患轉院  ―  衛生署將某醫院疑似染SARS的三名病患轉送到另一縣市署立醫院,遭其市長、議長、市議員以及該院週遭七個里的里長,率眾以車輛、肉身阻擋在醫院急診室前的通道上,要求病患原車北返。經內政部長、三黨民意代表斡旋、衛生署副署長保證疫情不會在該市擴散後,方解除這場抗爭。
 SARS 期間,也有蠻多國人展現高貴情操。






  Dark sides of Taiwanese
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